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  1. Has anyone found the pump dispenser to clog with dried BP? sometimes mine gets clogged, and I forcefully push down on it to clear it up, but that is a bit wasteful cos i get too much BP and end up throwing it out.
  2. if you look at the mirror every ten minutes, you're not going to see any difference. it's hard but try to calm down a little. it takes time but you should be fine.
  3. Yes, I am Chinese. I went to a chinese dermatologist because I thought she might know my skin better and so was better prepared for problems such as hyperpigmentation, etc. IPL does seem to be widely used. I don't know. I had three treatments. The first two didn't do very much, so maybe she set it higher and it ended up being too high. I don't believe IPL does anything for scars. I knew that going in and was doing it for hyperpigmentation. but I ended up worse. So i'm not sure what to say. I rea
  4. I have read in the smoothbeam section that it has happened that asian people who've had smoothbeam have had blisters/hyperpigmentation and some other side effects. I would very much like a go at smoothbeam because I think it might help my scars, but I'm very afraid of more scarring. When I had IPL done more than a year ago to help some hyperpigmentation spots, I was assured by the derm that there would be no side effects. However, I blistered at the third treatment and this caused MORE hyperp
  5. please post questions about acne on the acne forum rather than this forum, which is used for discussing treatment of scars. Further, learn to use the Search function on the top of the page. This has been answered many times before.
  6. http://www.clausen.com.uy/html/ingles/prod...ros/facderm.htm This is the same product I believe, and it is marketed as FACDERMIN at least in Uruguay. Perhaps in other places as well. Maybe you can try to look for this in St. Lucia, Wisky 2001. Further, I found somewhere that seemed to sell Hebermin (painkillerpharmacy.com) but when I asked them if it were available, they said no, and then when i further questioned whether they knew where I could get it, they said "unfortunately, we can't
  7. I was doing a google search on Hebermin.. Here is a description from http://www.citesa2000.sld.cu/catalogue/med...edicam-in2.html : Hebermin (epidermal growth factor) Characteristics : Hebermin is a cicatrizant cream that has a high effectiveness in the treatment of the cutaneous lesions, because its fundamental component is the factor of human Epidermal Growth (FCEh). The FCEh is a peptide of 53 amino acids that stimulates the cellular proliferation. It is produced in the Center of
  8. there was this one terrible spot i had, it was very indented and i thought it was going to end up being my worst scar yet but it disappeared in about 5 months. on the other hand, i've had small things turn out to be scars. so i don't know the method to it... i just hope for the best every time!
  9. the pink is just new skin. don't forget to apply sunblock!
  10. firstpost, perhaps it is that english is not your native language that i am misconstruing your words into something not there. In any case, I think people here are realistic that they aren't looking for 100%. Granted, everyone wants that, and when we don't have that we're still looking for more, but, in my opinion anyway, any little bit helps. I know that my scar definitely looks better today than it did a year ago even if only slightly. But: If it has gotten even slightly better now than it
  11. it is your choice not to believe that progress can be made. I believe everyone here on this board is here because they believe progress can be made, even if it takes time and after several rounds of trial and error. Many of us have made small progresses in some form or another, I myself have used some of the higher-percentage glycolics with very little (but still noticeable) success. With some of the other products, I've also seen a general improvement in skin tone for which I'm grateful for. If
  12. They're not going above and beyond anything. If they sent you a defective product, they should send you a replacement one for free. I don't know what kind of company they're running if they DIDN'T do that. Obviously, there are companies that give you a hassle, and those are the ones to avoid. I ordered my intense gel with C, and I have no problems with it, but I think you're giving them too much credit for something they're supposed to do. It reminds me of that Chris Rock bit.. [from a gu
  13. Maya, I was thinking that if you were spot treating, it might be better to spot treat with a tiny bit of overlap to "normal" skin. I know this is definitely not what you would want to do with something like CROSS, but my thinking is this: if you can causes irritation on the edges of where the scar is, you might also be able to get some more collagen stimulation on the normal skin. What this might accomplish is to cause the scar to close up because it is being pushed inward. do you know what i
  14. i'm not so crazy about the puredeming scent either. it smells very medicinal to me. That said, I only leave it on an hour in the evening when i'm not going out anyway. I'm never quite sure what topicals, if any, are really doing anything, but this is my present routine: morning: wash with bp wash, mandelic 10% serum, and then a 2.5% bp (to keep away breakouts), moisturizer with sunblock (neutrogena moisture/spf 15) evening: wash with light soap, Puredeming for an hour, bp facial wash, ma
  15. if you put some peppermint on your face, you'll feel a whole lot of tingling. Or some habaneros
  16. my experience is at least a few months if it's one of the big zits that really take some effort to pop. try mandelic acid / other aha peels, that puredeming gel, to see if that helps it quicker. but it will still take time no matter what. you have to be patient.
  17. After reading all the success stories of people using retin-A for scars, I was wondering if anyone might have any spare tubes available? I no longer have insurance for prescriptions like I had when I was a student, and without insurance it's terribly expensive. If anyone does have insurance and would be willing, I'd gladly remunerate you for whatever you paid for it as well as the shipping charges. P.S. I had used retin-a for awhile, but it was for acne and not scars. It was quite irritating
  18. As you are ordering from Malaysia, mail often finds ways of being delayed. I have ordered something once from Germany (i'm in the US) that took a couple months to arrive. I've ordered at least 4 things from Skinbiology and everything was sent promptly. Further, i've found their customer service to be excellent, and they've sent me a myriad of free samples. Unfortunately, I have not found any of their products to be effective for my skin.
  19. I remember when I had acne, I was prescribed retin-a. For awhile it seemed to be doing alright. I was using the cream, .025. Then the doctor moved me up to the .1 retin-a micro, which I was very happy about at the time because I wanted something stronger. It turned out, however, that it broke me out pretty badly and gave me cysts from which I am still recovering from today because they ended up being scars. After hearing all the success stories, however, I want to try it only on my scars to see
  20. high-percentage glycolic acid will penetrate the dermis if you give it enough time. TCA is stronger and faster, but if you leave 100% glycolic acid on your face for an hour, it'll pentrate into the dermis just the same.
  21. hyperpigmentation is a common occurrence after needling. I had hyperpigmentation for about 6 months after needling, but they slowly got better. Probably after 2 months, they get to a point where they won't bother you. THey'll go away, don't worry. Maybe some peels, mandelic acid or other AHAs can help speed it up. I wouldn't fret however.
  22. I've been using Mandelic acid along with BP afterward with no problem. It's sort of like Proactiv because they have you use a glycolic toner before the BP. (I am one of the people for whom proactiv did a good job with smaller pimples, but the cysts still came). Anyway, I've been using Mandelic (10%) for about a week and it seems to be a quality product. Good luck with it.
  23. I remember making a minor scar worse by spot-treating with a glycolic acid, and it seemed like I had made it into a much larger hole/dent. But after about a month, it wasn't that bad anymore. I'm not sure if it got back to the original minor scar, but if it was worse, it was only very slightly worse. I'm sure your skin will still keep healing and it'll look much better soon. It's kind of like when you pop a pimple and then you curse yourself because it looks so much worse at first but then slowl