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  1. Hi guys - my doc gave me a prescription for Nystatin and triamcinolone acetonide - when i went on drugs.com or whatever it said this is a steroid. Has anyone been prescribed this? I just completed my first month pretty much and the bloodwork came back normal. He says he will not be dropping the 80 mg a day until the end of the 20 weeks. He also said some women see results in 6 weeks and are pretty much happy at that point but need to stay on the meds. I hope I am one of those who is happy in abo
  2. Soooo I was in Home Depot last night ...I crouched down to pick up some light bulbs and when I stood up the whole room was spinning. I have NEVER been dizzy like that in my life. I had to hold onto one of those big pushy things they use to get stuff off the shelves. They had to bring a chair over to me and some water. Very embrassing! I had stopped taking my multi vitamin 10 days ago due to the Vitamin A in there. I was actually on my way to going to get some individual supplements, like iron, V
  3. Is Dr. Dan's really good? I like how it has hydrocortisone in it. I just feel like simple hydrators aren't enough. these things need a) hydration b) healing and c) a pain reliever!
  4. Ok I definitely used cetaphil yesterday and today and oh my god does it burn. its almost worse than my regular face wash stuff. How is this possible? Is it because my skin is so dry that even lotion makes it burn? My face isn't even that dry but dryer than normal. Good god! Everyone swears by this stuff too!
  5. God I am hoping I do not get the dry eyes too on top of this. fukacne - no side effects w/ that low of water?
  6. Hi everyone, Ok so I drank water like a champ - 64-80 oz a day. And yet my lips have cracked and are so painful. I have the carmex and aquaphor but still. Ugh. Peeling..its just gross. Bright red. Do you guys find that drinking water helps anything?!?! I heard it helps joint aches but stopped working out pretty much. My knuckles, knees, etc have been cracking more which is weird. Let me know what you guys think.
  7. Guys - I had a major headache on day 5 yesterday. How long in your experiences do you get headaches for? I've had one every other day since I started.
  8. I'm 120 lbs and my doc is starting me off at 80 mcg a day . So far i just have chapped lips.
  9. So I'm hanging in there. My skin wasn't so awful to start with - like maybe 3 cysts on my chin and then my forehead is just a red mess - everything is going on up there. Like 5 real cysts, a few pimples and some white heads. So I'm 5 days into this accutane and today my skin started to peel on my nose and forehead. I'm using the total wrong face wash and was waiting for this so I could go change to Cetaphil. So far no chapped lips! keeping that vaseline on all the time. Headaches have gone awa
  10. Alright twenty something! A partner in this. Yeah dosage seems high. I feel like my back is hurting but am probably making it up. As for low dose treatments - no one even told me about that. i'm sure it would be fine. However, i want to be able to tan in the summer and i get electrolysis weekly but can't do either on accutane. I'm taking it super seriously. I never drink and I eat fairly well. Don't want to do anything that might cause scarring and supposedly i'm only on this for 20 weeks.
  11. Ok so I'm on Day 2. Nothing much happened yesterday except I got a major headache. Is this normal? Also - my doc said that we'd start me out at 80 mcg a day. I'm 120 lbs...that seems kind of high. Will my side effects be worse? I'm used to putting vaseline on my lips all the time anyways and I drink tons of water (4 16 oz bottles while i'm at work) so I'm hoping to keep a positive attitude and trying not to think about it. I swear, though, my eyes are seeming blurry. I am still popping some whit