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  1. WOW!!!! You look fantastic!! Massive improvement!! I am very happy for you. You are another example that we all are not lost and our scarring may be improved significantly.
  2. lol. Can you leave this forum with your dumb scam bullshit please ?
  3. You don't need to wait full year. 6 months is enough. Buy 0,1 % tretinoin cream. It has been proven in many studies to remodell collagen and it helps with early scarring or even stretch marks. It will also help your acne prone skin to maintain it's acne free state. You can microneedle at home with 1,5 mm dermastamp every 4 weeks. These are home treatment you can perform. Consistency and time do wonders. I know in US there is Retin-A tretinoin cream but only 0,5% strength. You can order 0,1% str
  4. What horror stories? When did you hear about them? I read about one woman but that's it.
  5. Heey can you post some photos how you look after subcision with dr Emil. I just received a 'subcision' with filler from some random derm and I would like to compare severity of mine and yours.
  6. I haven't scheduled my appointment yet but when I spoke with the reception couple months ago they seemed to be flexible and said there is no much of a waiting time. It's best to send them an email. It is just my personal decision to go and see Emil approx. in 3 month as I want that filler to settle and take my acne and spots under control.
  7. Soo I had "subcision" done yesterday... I feel like that lady Doctor just injected the product with a tiny bit of subcision before hand. She used the same small cannula needle that comes with filler. She did not move the needle in all directions or anything like that. I am pissed off. I should leave the office when she said something like she opts for less invasive procedures while treating scars.. Obviously there is a swelling now.. I live for the swelling after treatments hehe Anyw
  8. I meant scabs straight after procedure. Are there no scabs? I was curious what kind of scars he decided to paint with TCA.. I would not think you have any ice pick or boxcar scarring that would respond to TCA..
  9. Can you upload some photos after TCA paint you had? I am very curious how it looks like after procedure and on your type of scars.
  10. As someone above already said you are very handsome young man regardless scarring. I am sorry you are going through this but remember you are not alone and there are ways to improve your skin. Sooner you gonna start the treatment the better.
  11. I did try contraceptive pills.. had awful side effects.. extreme water retention and terrible headaches. I also got Graves’ disease I don’t want to mess up my hormones more.. All my hormones levels are fine.. I have no idea what causes that oil production..genes I guess.. I am very strict with my diet as well. No diary, no gluten (thyroid), low carb..
  12. Well if you go to the skilled professional yes. Do not ever do it yourself. I did and it was extremely stupid of me. Luckily I haven’t burned my face.
  13. I need an advice. Last November I decided to treat my cheeks and temples scarring with surgical Dermabrasion..which I kind of regret now..think I should start off with subcision..my scarring is definitely more shallow now but area where doctor performed dermabrasion outstands from the rest of the skin and is lacking pigment.. and that area is more shallow as a whole.. especially my left temple looks very thin and scarrish-white.6 months after dermabrasion I went to the same doctor for fully abla