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  1. @leelowe1 I've done oral antibiotics, metronidazole gel and used to use curology as well as really diminishing my skin care routine down to the basics that are non comedogenic. When I asked her what next steps are if the 150 dose and addition of Clindamycin don't work she said we would try isotretinoin, but I've read topics on that too saying that it's the worse thing people have ever done. It's just so frustrating because I was unhappy with my skin prior to this, but it was manageable, but sinc
  2. Ok so I started having hormonal acne that has been getting worse and worse around my chin when I hit about 26. I have never had issues with acne even when I was in high school but it was a huge blow so I went to a derm. She put me on 50 my Spironolactone and Tretinoin cream. It made my acne much much worse and after a month she bumped me up to 100 mg. Again continued to make acne worse and now currently I'm on 150 and doing Tretinoin and clindamycin gel which I have been on for a week. My skin i