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  1. Check out this very informative page: http://www.diagnose-me.com/cond/C7890.html About halfway there is a list of suggested treatments
  2. That's why DIM is for estrogen metabolism...didn't you read anything before you jumped into it?
  3. After a week on DIM I experienced my oil production increase by 2-3x its normal amount. I've since stopped taking it and found a few articles on the internet saying that DIM could really make some problems much worse. For example if you have high testosterone levels, and an increase of free testosterone hormones caused by DIM could make your problems much worse. My hunch is this is what I experienced. I've switched to Saw Palmetto which is supposed to block DHT hormones which are the aggro vers
  4. Arrgg in the last 24 hours I've had 8-9 new painfully large new spots on my forehead... I normally only get like 1 or 2 spots only ever 2-3 days! I'm getting pretty stressed after a week of this as my face feels at least 2x as oily as normal. Within about an hour of washing my face I can wipe my face and the oil is so shiny which normally took a full day to get like that. Today is day 7 on the DIM
  5. Thanks for the advice! I'll stick it out and see how it ends up. I'm hoping its just an IB since my body isn't used to probiotics + dim. One thing I have noticed is much better digestion in the last week, and having a more regular bowl movements (which were normally very irregular). TMI, I know... sorry I still think my digestion has a major role to play in all this.
  6. I've just finished the first week and it seem like my skin is getting worse too. I've suffered from cystic and pretty severe acne, which I've reduced to just moderate, but my face looks worse now than it has in about a year. I'm a male and also take daily multivitamins, zinc, taurine, and probiotics. My face feels oilier than usual and have been getting new spots all week. Mostly small spots that quickly go to whiteheads, but they're showing up in places I haven't had zits for a long time. Lik
  7. My new regimen looks like this: Diet consisting of mostly meats and veggies. I'll probably still have a small amount of wheat, rice, and beans since diets like the Paleo diet are just so hard to stick with.Probiotics: I use Gr8-Dophilus by Now. I'll be taking about 8 billion organisms twice a day850mg Broccoli Concentrate, twice a day50 mg Zinc w/ 2.5mg copper, once daily1g Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids taken twice dailyMen's multivitamin as suggest in the "Reducting Oxidative Damage with Antio
  8. Yea I took the "spit test" that was linked in a post somewhere in here. Tried it first thing this AM and failed in the first 10 seconds Next step, de-candidaize!
  9. Early in my regiment I was taking the fiber with the supplements. :doh: Usually I'd try to take my morning supplements and not take any fiber pills, but eat a lot of fibrous foods for breakfast. i.e. A whole wheat bagel, an apple, or granola w/ yogurt. I'd also try drinking at least one red bull a day. But yea, I do see how fiber could have been interfering with Taurine absorption. So far I've seen the best results with a high-fiber diet, so I guess I put them above Taurine on the priority lis