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  1. While drinking once or twice technically isnt going to 'break the bank' on a course of accutane.... it just isnt very smart. Especially if you happen to be a regular drinker. I do know this; when i was on accutane, my liver couldn't hold alcohol very well in the 2 times i did drink over 6 months. A decent amount of alcohol gave me one bad stomach ache in my body for the next day or so. Clear skin? or Wasted for a short period of time with possible liver problems in the future? you decid
  2. Roughly how much does the vbeam cost per session? nvm : read ur other post
  3. Personally I think it would be wise for me to stay away from any lasers for a year. Is it true any laser treatment after a long course of accutane can cause scarring?
  4. Hey, sry for the late reply. Thanks for the feedback, feels good to know Im not the only one. Like you said, the redness and flushing is slowly going away. It shows sometimes in a picture but now looking through mirror, it really doesn't look all that bad. Its only in the areas that still get dry so Ill check out the Aveeno as well. Guess all there is to do now is give things time. /cheers!
  5. Hey! been gone for a while been 4 months off the accutane and practically no breakouts whatsoever. Still i get some dryness and redness on my cheeks. Im pretty discouraged that after 4 months the redness hasnt changed... How long does it take for the tane to fully get out of my system? I just want a normal skin tone back
  6. Do you use any other skin products as of now?
  7. Hey, here's a little update : It has been a good month and a half off the tane and the red blemishes are slowly fading. The dryness occurring now is going into a more mild and flaky stage which is a good thing. What I try to do now to bring down the red marks on the cheeks is to not wash my face after the shower but only once at night avoiding excessive dryness. I found out that a small of amount of aquaphor rubbed into my hands onto a dry face tends to moisturize not only well, but decrea
  8. Hey again! Got my vita oil in the mail but the results were less than satisfying. While it did a somewhat better job moisturizing the skin, it made it look very oily and brought out the blemishes even more. I guess I'm gonna do some searching for something else or just wait till this 'deep dryness' disappears.
  9. All theories aside, it wasnt 9/11 affecting you.... that movie jus flat out sucked. :lol:
  10. Good point. I'll try the vita oil out, thanks for the suggestion
  11. Thanks for the reply. I was just browsing and saw this :
  12. Yea, for the most part red cheeks, not really any isolated red marks from past zits.
  13. Hi, im new to the board. I am 19 and went on a accutane dose of 40 mg twice a day in June 2007.. finished things up right before Christmas. My acne(which was moderate, but never close to cystic) practically cleared only leaving along the typical side effects of lots of dry skin and peeling lips. My upper cheeks and nose area was where my skin was the most dry. The skin peeled sometimes in the shower near the end of the treatment leaving behind a red blemish that comes and goes. Now a mont