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  1. Hi. Thank you for your thorough review and keeping us updated throughout your journey. I was just recommended the same combo of procedures through an email consultation with dr. Rullan (subcision, TCA cross, and microneedling. At least 3 sessions). Im wondering, since I haven’t seen your pictures, do you have any boxcar scars? And if so, do you think this combination of treatments helped see improvement in them? I only have a couple noticeable rolling scars and they don’t really bother me tha
  2. Would someone please pm me the name of this veldemort doctor? I’m new to the site and researching doctors all over the country and definitely don’t want to waste time and money on this guy!
  3. My skin has finally cleared up and I’m left with horrible unsightly scaring all over my cheeks. I believe they’re mostly boxcar and ice pick, with only a few rolling. They are ruining my confidence, and I’m obsessed with researching acne scar revision, desperate for some hope. I live in South Florida, and can’t find any doctors that I would trust with my skin. If any one has any personal recommendations for doctors and types of treatment that would be successful for my skin, that would be greatl
  4. MotivatedCode

    Sad :(

    My skin has finally cleared up but now I’m left with terrible scarring. I don’t know what treatments will be best for my scars. I live in south Florida and can’t find any skilled doctors that I trust with my skin. Any recommendations from person experience would be greatly appreciated.