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  1. Don't despair. Accutane didn't work for me either. Really nothing did for a very long time. I did prescription pills, prescription topical, saw a dietician and vastly modified my diet, cut out dairy, chocolate, tried some hippie stuff even. Basically if someone said something worked for them I would try it out with varying levels of success. I would say accutane probably saw the best results but my eyes and mouth got so dry I couldn't handle the side effects. Two years ago I saw something on Re
  2. Used to love but now feels oily.

    As a child of the 90's, I was all about Clinique. But recently it started making me break out quite a bit and I found that my liquid foundation I had loved for so many years started feeling really oily on my skin, and like it was just sitting on top of it. Maybe my skin is changing or my preferences, not sure. But sadly, I have had to give this one up in my quest for clear skin.
  3. SB_Baby

    Not strong enough to use alone

    Not strong enough to use alone

    I used this and saw some results from it but not anything like I was hoping. I did a little research to see if there was a stronger version of the cleanser - like a cleanser with more medication. I really don't like have too many steps in my daily routine so if I can eliminate a medication step I am all over it. After looking around, I saw someone post about a product called Ninja, somewhere in the blog universe I guess. The lady said that with their cleanser she was able to eliminate