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  1. Here you can learn more, also get to know consequences of topical creams... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzjEJIYPkrU
  2. hmm, there is really no such thing as zero carb diet, only if you eat avocados and pure fat. Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, sweet potato, carrots, meat all have carbs : ) But great to see that diet change has helped with your skin, that's what I do with my clients : ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzjEJIYPkrU
  3. I recommend to cure your gut and cure your skin as a result, before moving to chemicals. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzjEJIYPkrU
  4. Joint pain mainly comes from continuous tissue damage, which is made by inflammation. Drugs, over the counter medication etc. can be one of the reasons for this tissue damage. This all starts with the gut. Your gut contains 80% of your whole bodies immune system. You can check this video for a brief beginner understanding what happens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzjEJIYPkrU
  5. Food intolerance are one of the reasons behind leaky gut. However dairy is problematic when it comes to the cows breed. Safe dairy variants are products that come from goats or sheep because they contain Casein A-2 instead of Casein A-1 protein. Casein A-1 can cause inflammation and other problems.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzjEJIYPkrU&t=18s
  6. Not really, there are many plants that irritate gut microbiome, damage immune system and cause inflammation. Many plants also are high in sugar content, it's natural sugar, but inside the body works the same way as sugar in candy. Plant based diet is for sure a way better option than the average "Amercian" diet. If you study about plants and their world , then you should know that not all plants are willing to be eaten so easily. Many plants have certain substances that can kill o
  7. Hey, If you are here then you are most likely interested or actually doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle and stop your acne breakouts from within. I struggled with acne and weight issues for over 7 years! In the last 12 months, I’ve helped myself and 9 people to stop their breakouts and get a clear skin! I am not a doctor, dermatologist, or acne expert who never had acne, so most likely I can relate to your current situation. I am not some guy who
  8. Hey Norm, Happy to see that you get some results : ) Keep in mind that while berries are good antioxidants and have good polyphenols for skin, they are still natures candy. Eat berries and fruits only when in season, same with apples! And if you eliminate green apples, you will get better results, because of the natures "toxins" it has to protect the apple from animals. No animal eat green apples because it makes them weak and sick, most animals don't even see green colour, so why a human
  9. Hay Eagle, Acne scar is not a true scar at all, but rather post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (google) So briefly, this happens in your intestines, because of inflammation inside your body. Acne scars are just symptoms. For this reason no laser therapy or anything external can't help for long term health. I see that you had bad experience with dermatologists and I feel you. I am not one, but I've helped myself and 9 people to stop acne breakouts and get a clear skin naturally. I had a
  10. Hey Sophia, If you have a sweet tooth, go for dark chocolate which is at least 85% cocoa. Cocoa is pretty good for overall health, and with time your taste buds will change and you will enjoy the 85% more than a sweet sugar candy : ) Also look out for bananas and fruits. They are full with natural sugar - glucose, fructose and in the human body they work the same as sugar in the candy. If you love bananas, then eat only green bananas, they have good natural probiotics for your gut and les
  11. Vitamin C is not an Ascorbic Acid: This is how natural vitamin C is under electron microscope: And this is Ascorbic acid under electron microscope: And this is the picture of potential Kirlian Picture: (Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges) Vitamins inside the body work in a synchronistic system. Meaning that they need aminos, other vitamins and everything else, to work.
  12. Human microbiome is a big eco-system/community with trillions of living microorganisms that reside largely in your gut. Another microbiome as a host to millions of microorganisms/ bacteria is your skin. And in every microbiome ( your gut or skin ) you have good and bad bacteria. But as within any ecosystem - balance is the key. By certain things trying to destroy or introduce we can throw things out of balance. So when the bad bacteri
  13. You might have heard the story of the blind men and the elephant? It’s a famous story about a group who argue over what they’ve encountered, because they are each only exposed to a small piece of it. Those at the tail think it’s a rope, those at the trunk think it’s a snake. There’s too many conflicting ideas about what it actually is. This may seem funny and stupid, but as acne suffers in our day-to-day lives, we are just as clueless about many things...