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  1. hi, i had the same type of acne that you described (i still break out time to time). a dermatologist once told me that a product will only make you "purge" if it has a retinol, or acid in it (AHA/BHA), things that go down into the pore and clean it out. So, unless a product has one of those things in it, unfortunately it might just be breaking you out. I have tried so many different cleansers over the years. A few weeks ago I tried the "origins checks and balances" cleanser and it is amazing. I'm not sure what it is about it, but it makes my skin so soft. It is def more pricy than a drugstore cleanser, but you need the smallest amount because it foams up. You can also buy the travel size at ulta/sephora to try it out! Just look at all the reviews on it, it's amazing! To take my makeup off I use the "clinique cleansing balm" (which I started using the same time as the origins cleanser) and it's also amazing. A few nights a week I will use plain old witch hazel as a toner. If you haven't already, try cutting out dairy, gluten and caffeine. To help with stress (which wrecks havoc on my face) I started taking "ashwagandha" by the brand "gaia herbs" I believe this herb is mostly taken for stress, but if you google it, you'll see it helps a lot with acne. Good luck!

    also wanted to add, i stopped using hot water on my face. only luke-warm and cold. "dry brushing" has also helped!