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  1. tryinghard123

    "Distensible" scarring question

    sorry what are PDO threats? and then with this filler you are stating is there any way to do this 'permanently'? thanks PDO threads sorry
  2. tryinghard123

    "Distensible" scarring question

    Hi I have the same thing.....when I pull my cheek skin upwards my scars virtually dissappear and look so so much better....is this possible for example thru a cheek lift or lift of some type? as I would much rather have this scar than hundreds of small scars and oh btw I have pretty obvious rolling scars for which I have tried filler subcision etc and it has done nothing...regards.....Tom M
  3. tryinghard123

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    I told everyone and know of many of his patients who have the same view ....Dr Lim is a criminal bastard a liar .....STAY WELL AWAY FROM THIS CROOK welldone28 dr lim is a criminal yes
  4. tryinghard123

    Help me with these Acne Scars Please

    i would do punch excision and elevation with possibility of grafting....that will get you the best result and thats swelling will come back to the same.....you need surgical scar revision
  5. ok i am not after glass smooth skin impossible.....but.....i am paying for dermatologists/doctors services a fortune and virtually nothing has been done....if they cant do it why do they do it? that is not right to me i know they are not really severe but are still very noticeable.....i will still keep chasing for further improvement and i want to ask you yes a facelift does make the skin stretched and taut and can this make the scars appear larger....what are your views? and as for excision can it make the ice pick/boxcar type scars smaller? i will keep searching for dermatologists who can offer something improved and i never stated i did not like sculptra as i have not done it before....do u know where they offer it in australia or brisbane for that matter? and is it permanent?
  6. tryinghard123

    Subcision/cross progress - before/after

    hi how did you find tca cross? did it make your scars bigger or improvement?
  7. my rolling scars are there yes i admit that....but.....they are not real deep as perceived.....i have quite a few ice pick and boxcar scars and am trying 50 percent tca cross myself but it looks like it makes the scars larger i will correct you i have tried the lot - lasers fillers excisions grafts needling with no improvement at all....still looks the same over the whole 20 years i have been doing it that is why i am thinking of facelift with fat transfer as it is the only treatment i have not done with respect to the lady above in after photo she has rubbed makeup obviously which disguises it better so there is no improvement in that photo and she is smiling in the 2nd photo too i did 2 full treatments of subcision at him for 2000 dollars EACH 4000 ALL UP and saw 0 percent results....that is FACT if he cant do it he should say so and not scam other peoples hard earned money and then post on instagram pictures that are fake he is a fraud and a liar and i know many who say the same of him and i cannot find any doctors who do acne scars and specialise in sculptra do u know of any? thanks i did 2 sessions of fillers and subcisions with him each 4000 dollars all up..... oh and 10 minutes work all up and 30 minutes he was talking lol....he is a scam
  8. tryinghard123

    Downtime and results of treatment cost and benefit

    alot of it is fraud....i have tried everything......subcision, lasers, dermal grafts, fillers, rf needling absoulutely 0 PERCENT IMPROVEMENT just have to maybe accept it and not get frauded by doctors
  9. I have done numerous sessions of subcision.....and who in Australia offers bellafill? as juvederm does nothing and i have done 3 sessions of infini needling that does nothing too as well as 3 sessions of laser......nothing
  10. Arug nice comments....I am sceptical too I think fat transfer and grafting will simply not last....what do people think abt mini facelifts with that? tm
  11. Kwan thanks for the the nice comments but I definitely have rather severe scarring as I also have significant rolling scars......So do you suggest ruling out a facelift with fat transfer to make it more even at 43 y.o?
  12. As well as rolling scars and boxcar scars I have similar to this just way larger.....what treatments do you recommend? I think it is very hard to cure....TM I have tried everything from lasers, fillers (many of them), needling(infini and dermapen), excision, dermal/punch grafts etc with no results at all....I am soon 43 years old and am seriously thinking of a facelift with fat grafts/transfers? any recommendations/opinions....is very frustrating.....
  13. tryinghard123

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    ok i did subcision and filler and i got 0 percent improvement......you have been warned stay WELL away from him also did tca cross by him which actually made my scars BIGGER
  14. tryinghard123

    My experience With TCA Cross !! It worked

    tca cross makes scars bigger its false hope
  15. tryinghard123

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    He is a criminal bastard....spent thousands....then hes posting pictures on instagram of my face in different lighting and all the scars are still there....ENOUGH PROOF