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  1. Hey man , I suffer from enlarged pores + orange peel texture too with redness. I'm gonna try chemical peels (TCA peels) to begin with and go on from there. May i ask how your pores got enlarged? in your case they look a little bit deep so TCA cross may be helpful, but obviously look into it first and do your research.
  2. I realize that the orange peelish texture is accentuated by the redness that is still present. I think my goal initially is to remedy the redness + stimulate collagen so that the pores don't appear as large and the area doesn't look as unpleasant. In terms of chemical peels do you have any idea if medium chemical peels make a difference in this regard? I know that there are superficial and medium peels and medium peels are supposed to penetrate into deeper layers and thus the potential rewa
  3. Yeah TCA peels seem to be what most people agree on. I just have a question regarding this whole journey to you and everyone else also that wants to comment. How much doubt did you have prior to starting on this journey? I've had bad cystic acne and acne scars for years now and it's something I guess that has caused trauma and I am faced with great doubt right now and just wondering if thats normal or not.
  4. What exactly would you say the purpose of INFINI RF is then, also would you have any other reccomendations? I'm open to any ideas that I will also present to my acne scar specialist that I'm planning on going to soon. Any decent idea will help me open up my possible options. Right now i'm thinking of starting with TCA peel 15% since there is also persistent redness and discolouration.
  5. Would anyone know if INFINI RF with PRP can help decrease pore size and decrease small scars on my skin surface ?
  6. Thanks so much for your reply and I know briefly about it but i'll read more into it! I'm hoping that I can restore collagen and I think that should make a big difference in my pore size + overall texture. I'm just not sure as to what extent it has been damaged already my skin and elasticity. Any reccomendations on what % to start off with and the frequency of the treatments.
  7. I've done microneedling and unfortunately , it left me with a larger quantity of pores that are noticeable in quantity and also larger, also it left me with some microneedling dot marks which I'm unsure if they are pores or scars. I think it has left me with a bit of decreased elasticity also. Would be nice to get some reccomendations as this has consumed alot of my energy and decreased my overall confidence, and is taking up a huge mental toll. Any questions or opinions/advice are
  8. Hi Guys. Long story short, I did microneedling at home at a depth of 1.5mm around June of 2018 only on my left side of my face. After that one treatment, I was left with an orange peel like skin texture. Although it may be hard to perfectly spot out, even after nearly 2 years later I can assure you that the skin texture is considerably worse and there is also loss of elasticity, enlarged pores and microneedling dot/track marks etc. The left side of my face is considerably different in text
  9. Hi I know the frustration of having really bad skin texture too , your skin texture is quite similar to mine. I was wondering if there was a loss of elasticity in your face? When you press down on your cheeks does it feel like it doesn't bounce back as it should? Also , you mentioned that you had microneedling treatment done. Do you think that your texture and elasticity/pore size got worse as a result of microneedling? The reason i'm asking this is because in my personal experien
  10. How much improvement would you say you got % wise (How much % improvement did every session give and how much % overall did you get). In terms of improvement with collagen remodeling after how many months from the procedures do you see the most improvement? Cheers.
  11. woah , amazing improvement. How deep did you do your microneedling? I've stopped doing microneedling at home because I did it at 1.5mm and ruined my skin texture on my left side of my face. Not too sure if its solely due to that one microneedling session but it looks as if that side is less firm than the right side of my face. In regards to subcision and TCA cross how much did each of the respective treatments give % wise? I plan on doing subcision and TCA cross but need to travel the
  12. Hi guys , I am going to purchase the derminator 2 shortly but am a bit confused at whether to buy the 9 or 12 needle catridges. Does anyone have experience with either of these and know which one is better or if they have roughly the same functionality. Thanks
  13. know anyone possibly in Auckland , NZ that can do subcision or any other of these acne scar practices? not entirely sure if anyone is reputable in Auckland , NZ.
  14. Any mm length youd reccomend for my scars and should i go to a dermatologist if i have the money or is it just as effective at home ? Also will i expect to see a good improvement from microneedling on my type of scars or will subcision be the main solution? thanks alot btw