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  1. I used the skinceuticals photo+ for few weeks and I see dramatic difference!!! Just to add, I used it with skinceutical's vit. c 20 after I dermarolled my face with .25mm. I think you need to get it in there like deep down. So if your marks are severe, I would recommend longer dermaroller like .5 or even 1mm!
  2. I personally think Diacneal is much better. much gentle and GA helps the red mark fade faster.
  3. i'm using CP and seeing pretty good result. but i had to learn how to balance bet using retinol, exfoliation, when to pull and when to add little more. real tricky but the balance act really helps your skin to merge through. things aren't perfect yet but i have to say my scars are already 40% better within 3 weeks of the use!
  4. DOES ACV work on purple marks????????????????????????
  5. does overdosing on vit c gives you a headache??? i took 3mg as an experiment and i have a bad headache for some strange reason. hmmmm....
  6. at least our problem is making us eat healthier!!! more veggies, fruits, water, suppliments!! seriously, my scars are really pigmented to the point where i couldn't even cover it up with make-up because it only made it more stand out. so that made me stay in most of the time. it's slowly improving but they look nasty like i have flesh-eating disease or something. because i used to have such a good skin, it just hurts more wondering why why why why now and why me? ahhhhh. i feel so boiled
  7. slap some pics up!

  8. i've been using both cp serum and super cop(only spot treatment). has anyone experienced that it just go around in a loop? like it scabs, falls off, shows new pink skin, use cp serum again and it goes back to square one. little frustrated. how long will it take to see the result? here is my routine (if this helps): AM-wash, acv only on spots, vit c, phyto, cream, ss PM-wash, retinol +30mins, cp, cream (<-----retinol and cp every other night, otherwise, just vitamin c and phyto) since i us
  9. I have been using vitamin c religiously for years, but I feel like it works better on very faint scars... like those on last stage before it gets back to your normal skin tone ones. it doesn't really help with freshly closed up pink ones. at least to me... I'm taking 1.5 g of vit. c orally. i might notch it up to 3 to see what happens.
  10. I hear you. I can't concentrate on anything but my face and it's been like that for months!! Obsession is bad I know... but I'm just really worried and sad that, over an instant moment, my face went from normal to scar face to the point where I can't even leave the house at this moment. I have to admit, being a girl makes the situation worse, I think. I'm sure over certain amount of time, things will heal but how long must I wait? All I see is clear skin on TV, magazines and people and it'
  11. i'm asian too and got real bad burn from a face wash containing 2% GA!!! so bad that i got purple scars all over my cheek. i'm not talking bout 20%, 2 FREKIN' PERCENT!!!! it's got something to do with the race but not entirely. everyone got different skin balance.
  12. lameness, i'm just curious as to why you are lonely. you look fine in the picture... is it because of your skin condition?
  13. I'm trying to get rid of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation on my face. They are from a acne scar that reacted badly with gycolic acid wash which turned to bad dermatitis/eczema and was able to heal up the wound with protopic and Hirudoid cream. They are pretty big (0.5"X1") and color is mainly purple and some are turning pinkish. Surface is flat and texture is back and very similar to my normal skin texture. Currently I'm using Skinceutical C 20AOX with Phyto. But I want to speed it up sinc
  14. still, it's hard to see it from the photo you uploaded. can you make it more detailed if you want an honest opinion??