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  1. Just jab a needle under your skin and drain it yourself. Then put polysporin on top, so it will go down the hole and kill the bacteria inside. I used to do it all the time before Accutane.
  2. I was like this too. Its basically just fear of choking on the pill. I had the same thing. The only way to get over it to just try to swallow the pill. Try everyday, once you get it down and keep it there, it will become habit. Now I swallow any size pills easily with only water.
  3. Go on the Accutane. Been on it 5 months now, only had 3 nose bleeds early on, chapped lips, and sore muscles. I feel like this drug is actually a steal, it costs nothing if you have insurance and I never thought getting rid of acne was so easy. Doctor always checks the bloodtests and they are always good, so theres no chance of getting permanent liver damage. Plus you don't have to worry about applying BP to your face everyday, that can get annoying. Don't waste time, go on it now so your skin
  4. Who cares, just go on a regular dose. I have been on Accutane for 5 months, best decision I ever made. I barely wash my face anymore and I have no acne to speak of.
  5. If you have cystic acne you should probably be on Accutane. Retin A will just prolong you problem and you will end up on Accutane anyways. I have been on Accutane 3 months now and the negative side effects are minimal at best. Not as surprise though, the side effects are just being hyeped by fear-mongerers.
  6. Does anyone know a derm in Minneapolis (or St. Paul/surrounding area) that provides cortisone shots and can be self-referred to. I currently have a derm, he has prescribed me Accutane, but he won't give cortisone shots for this one cyst that isn't going away, so I'm looking for another one. I see a website for "Dermatology Specialists P.A." that looks promising, it says they deal in medical dermatology. http://www.dermspecpa.com/index.htm Are they any good, or is there another derm someone ca
  7. Either leave it or stab a pin through my skin and squeeze the garbage out. I like the relief of stabbing it, instead of walking around for a month with a massive cyst, its only a few days. I noticed the scarring is not that different either way.
  8. This sounds like non-sense. Acne has nothing to due with a depressed immune system. Teens have the strongest immune systems because they are young but they have the most acne. I have a strong immune system, eat healthy, exersize, do everything right, but I had acne (until Accutane). So, this is absolute B.S., and its no surprise it comes from a Chinese doctor because they are worst in the world at making stuff up out of thin air. I love Accutane because I hate putting crap on my face every n
  9. I have been on Accutane for about 6 weeks now, and the only really bad thing that has happened is my chapped lips and occassional blurry vision. Some things like the dry skin is not that bad, and the dry hair I actually like. But I go to my derm again this week for him to look at my first blood test. Hopefully everythings normal and I can continue this med. So far, my skin has improved substantially. Red marks haven't improved at all though.
  10. I am Canadian, 3 months supply is no problem.
  11. No, this is absolutely ridicilous. When they order the blood test they only request 5 things to be looked at, out of hundreds of things they could check. These are AST (SGOT), Alk. Phosphatase, Bilirubin, Cholesterol, and Triglyceride. These only have to do with Accutane, and none of those have anything to do with weed. This isn't a drug test place and they aren't going to waste time doing something they could care less about.