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  1. I used to have the same problem. Alpha Hydroxy Moisturizer changed that..
  2. Holy Crap UbahOne, that's one hell of a diet. I currently just drink a GNC 2200 Calorie shake once a day, and eat a Mesotech protein bar after my workout. I lift every other day, and just try to eat bigger meals in general, with a lot of chicken breasts. Ive been gaining pretty regularly now. I was always skinny in junior/high school and could never gain weight, but over the past 2 months on this calorie shake, ive been getting pretty big...then again, its probally just puberty finally finishing
  3. Using 10% isnt too bad at night, but I wouldnt use it over my entire face. That's kind of harsh, I'd just use it on spots that are especially bad with zits. 10% is also good if you ever get a zit anywhere on your body.
  4. I don't know what kind of skin type youve got but I would highly recommend against the Irish Spring soap. Unless youve got super oily skin, I would think that's gonna dry you out really bad, especially when using BP. I use something called Cetaphil soap. http://www.cetaphil.com/product_informatio...n/cleansers.cfm Its the only thing I'll use now, I swear by it. I dont know if they sell it where you live but if they do, try it out. The moisturizer should be okay, just make sure its "Oil Free".
  5. Try out the regimen first. It shouldnt make your face too red if you use the 5% BP, unless you have really sensitive skin. I only use it all over my face at night and then just apply small amounts to already developed zits in the morning. Also, I use a really good soap for my face called Cetaphil, its REALLY gentle and never irritates my skin like all other soaps do. For the red marks, I suggest taking Vitamin E pills everyday, and a good multivitamin. Its been working really well for me. I had
  6. Hi everyone. Im starting this thread to share the methods that worked for me in getting rid of the acne that I had for over 8 years. First, let me explain what kind of acne I had. I started getting light breakouts when I was about 13 years old. It continued to get slightly worst over the next few years, mostly small pimples and blackheads on my cheeks, chin and neck. I had semi-oily skin but small spots on my face were always dry, scaley and flakey (next to my nose under my eyes, and on my lower
  7. Did she say anything about what kind of moisturizer you should use?
  8. Ahh, I see. I looked the other day at the store for the bar form but couldnt find it. Guess I'll just have to keep lookin
  9. Ive used the Cetaphil for awhile now and tried the Purpose Bar last week. It dried me out too much. I went back to Cetaphil the next day. Cetaphil may be a little pricey but it lasts A LOT longer than a bar does. I want to try Phisoderm next, anybody tried it yet? p.s. Do you use some kind of Cetaphil bar Noob? I use the stuff out of the bottle and have a hard time lathering it up
  10. ihateacne, could you list the routine that you usually go by? Im about to start using an exfoliator and toner and was wondering where I should fit them in, in conjunction with the Cleanser, Bp, and Moisturizer I use. In what order do you use your products and how often weekly? thanks bro
  11. Thanks Garkee. I have a question though. If the warm water opens the pores, and the cold water closes the pores, then wouldnt you want to apply the Bp after the hot water while the pores are still open so it can get down into your skin? The regimen says to use cold water after washing with soap so wouldnt that close your pores and keep the Bp that you apply afterwards from getting in?
  12. Ive also noticed the total lack of people on TV with acne. It just doesnt exist, you'll never see someone on TV with significant acne. Not that I'm complaining or anything, like you hear overweight people complaining about the lack of fat people on TV. I mean, why would I intentionally want to see people with a skin disorder over people without? Anywho....good story. It sounds a lot like me