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  1. i have done this for the past few days and so far the results are pretty good! Thanks for the recomendation! How is it going for you, are you still seeing improvement?
  2. I don't mean I'm going to drink 3 gallons a day. I just know I don't drink the recomended amount.
  3. I really like Flirt!'s cover stck as a concealer. It goes on really nicely and you can hardly tell you have any makeup on when you wear it. I think most Khols clothing stores carry this line of cosmetics but if not here is a link: http://www.flirtcosmetics.com/templates/pr...UCT_ID=PROD8537
  4. Do NOT under ANY circumstances shave it. I know someone ( a female) who did this and it grew back much more noticable. I say your best best would be to wax it. I thought I had a low threshhold for pain, but decided to wax my eyebrows. It's really not as bad as you think it would be.
  5. I'm not too woried about any wieght issues. I have just heard it can help problem skin.
  6. I have started to drink more water lately since I feel as if I have tried everything for my skin. I hear it can be very effective for clearer skin. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any truth to it? Thanks!
  7. Did it help a lot with your skin?
  8. I have started to drink more water lately since I feel as if I have tried everything for my skin. I hear it can be very effective for clearer skin. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any truth to it? Thanks!
  9. I like thier foundation but I tried thier acne line once and ohh my it turned my face into a disaster.
  10. I found this and thought it was interesting : - Zinc (applied topically) reduces the Inflammation associated with Acne and retards the production of the excessive quantities of Sebum that causes the clogging of the Pores in Acne patients. http://www.naturaltherapycenter.com/main.p...=index_0853d660 It says it is effective taken in pill form also but will take a couple months to see results. But this might help if it makes my sebum production "retarded"....I guess thats a good thing..
  11. I really don't keep up with beauty blogs, but think ricebunny's xanga site can be kindof cool. She has good tutorials.
  12. No worries. I am not any kind of makeup snob. There is nothing wrong with a bargain, if it works it works.
  13. It did dry up a couple inflamed pimples but like I said thats only with two uses. So I just hope I dont break out in some terrible rash ...It may turn some people off because of how tight it makes your face feel when you put it on, but it suprisingly didn't dry me out all that bad and I have combination skin. Ohh well we will see. I'll keep you posted.
  14. Just out of curiosity..What fondation and concealers do every one here use. I am having trouble finding one I would really like to stick with. I just keep getting more crappy kinds.
  15. I have this stuff for emergencies called Dermablend. It's some heavy duty stuff. Here is a link for it: http://www.dermablend.com/productDetails.aspx?prodID=17 People have been known to cover serious scars, birth marks, and ever tattoos with it. The best thing is it stays put with a bit of power put over the top of it. It wont budge and you don't need to wory consitantly. The price isn't that bad for what you get out of it. You can buy it online but I got mine at a department store counter (li
  16. I got mine at a heath foods store. I heard lots of good things and wanted it to work, but I didn't see any improvement. I was left with a terrible smell. (the stuff smells horrid)
  17. I had an idea to use some zinc pills in the same way people make the asprin mask. I just disolved a few pills in some watter. My face felt really tight at first but I think it helped dry up a pimple and it left my face VERY soft. I have only done it twice now so I'm not posting to say it's some kind of cure. I was just wondering if anyone else had heard of doing this and what their results were.
  18. This is a pretty cool idea, it DOES make since. I'll definetly give it a go. Thanks!
  19. ..that's what she said. ..I should have seen that coming. haha
  20. I think I will give the whitch hazel a try I just needed some second opinions. Thanks for the replies!
  21. I was wondering if anyone here that drinks or drank caffinated beverages saw much of a coorilation between the two. I don't pay a whole lot of attention to what I eat but I do try to eat fairly healthy, however I drink way too much caffine and I am trying to cut it out of my diet. IT IS SO HARD! I get horrible headaches and get tired much earlier in the day, but I keep telling myself it will benifit my skin. Has anyone else seen results from reducing caffine from thier diet?? Any help or advic
  22. People who have had success clearing up: Do you use and toner or astrigent?? I have heard whitch hazel worked well for others.. ..Any suggestions would be gret! Thank you!
  23. I have had alot of success with grandpa's pine tar soap. I deffinetly recomend trying this out. I have been through so many products and spent so much money and this product was like a god send. It can be kind of hard to find but you can find it online along with the other types of soap they offer. From what I understand alot of people like the soap for acne found on the website but I thought it made my skin dry and I havent found anything wrong with the pine tar soap. It does smell kind of wier