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  1. 25andSensitive

    To start Spironolactone or not...

    Thank you for your suggestion! For a year I was on a strict paleo diet in attempts to fix my skin. No alcohol or caffeine either, obviously. I ate lots of veggies and salmon and drank tons of water. Really, a great diet! I took probiotics every day and drank kombucha regularly as well. These things did help slightly. I saw an allergist and also a Chinese medicine doctor. However, I just say that nothing has helped me like Spironolactone 100 mg a day. I no longer get painful cystic acne on my jaw
  2. 25andSensitive

    Prescription Medication

    Hi, how is your regime been working for you? I am about to start Spiro. We’re you prescribed Finacea for rosacea? I have rosacea as well. I also have hormonal acne. I’m aware that there is a hormonal aspect to both rosacea and the kind of acne you are describing. Hope you are feeling better! I definitely relate to wanting to hide in your room. You are not in this alone!!! Sending lots of love and healing energy your way
  3. 25andSensitive

    Perioral Dermatitis HELP!

    I see this was posted in September. I hope your condition has improved!!!! I know it took me months to see improvement. What has basically CURED my perioral dermatitis was VIOLET EXTRACT. From a herb pharm. Also, only use products on your face with no SLS. Unfortunately, cetaphil has SLS. So do many toothpastes. I use Tom’s!!! Also try to get your hands on Elidel cream if you can. This calms flare ups fast but again, a couple weeks (after 3) of Violet Extract use has really done the trick for me
  4. Hi everyone! I really hope I get at least one reply! lol I have been browsing this site for a while and reading up about many treatments I have tried to treat my hormonal acne! Unforuntaely, I also suffer from rosacea and perioral dermatitis (though these are pretty much under control now THANK GOODNESS). Anyway, my new derm just gave me Spiro. I am to take 100 mg a day (50 mg in the morning. 50 mg in the evening.) MY QUESTIONS: * Has anyone here started Spiro on 100 mg?? What should expec