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  1. WTF is this tea tree oil? Can I use rubbing alcholol? Man I hate acne. Why do we have pills for 80 year old erections and not to cure acne. Jesus Christ I bet I'm the oldest one here with acne.
  2. Why do zits come back in the same place, forcing me to pop them then they get bloody then they heal only to get more puss underneath the zit! I swear if I see another zit on my face I will kill a mexican.
  3. I'm 19 almost 20 I'm going to college right now. I want to get rid of my acne for ever! But I just can't seem to do it. I tried Minocycline and that shit didn't work. Is there a new option, as I'm seeing my doctor this week to talk about Accutane, since I don't have that bad of acne(compared to others) I don't know if i'm eligable? I just want to have a life. I feel like I'm missing the best part of my life, I should be having sex, talking to girls, going out, instead I just stay in my room all
  4. I have had acne for about 3 years now and I hated all three. I have really thought about killing myself for about 2 years now. I'm a loser a 19 year old nobody, no friends never girlfriend, no life. I think about jumping off the baybridge or falling off colt tower every day. Then I think more modest thoughts off just taking my dads 25 beretta and shotting myself in my penis first because I never use it and then shotting myself in my ugle face.
  5. My acne isn't bad at all, but It still bothers me. And i have been on the Regimen for soo long it doesn't do shit. Neither does this B5.
  6. I have had acne for more than a year now. I started doing the Regimen in the Summer, but my face was still not good. So January I tried B5 and it has helped a little. IS it time for accutaine, and what is the best way to get it?
  7. I have only a few active zits, but the rest is red marks left after puberty. I'm still growing and my skin gets quite oily. I'm on the BP right now and that seems to be helping, should I use Licorice ? Does this promote acne?
  8. I've been on the regimen for six months and I have to admit that It didn't take "3 weeks" to clear my acne but probably 4 months, but I still have a few zits now and then and red marks. I have to say that everybody on this forum has been great and so has BP gel. -Questions ---I still get very oily on my nose even though I put on BP, do you think,(since i'm fully grown but still have to develop my facial har all the way) the oil will decrease on my nose. I looks like it has on my cheeks. Thanks,
  9. Does b5 work, I;m about to go to walmart and buy some. But does it work and how much to take?
  10. I think that acne will go after you grow facial har right? See im growing a little bit of hair on my face, and most of the acne on my face is red-marks and a little scars. But sometimes I get a few zits, But what Im scard of is that I see some people who have a lot of facial hair and they have bad acne, my age. When will this stop.
  11. I think i have been getting acne because im growing. Anyways I have been getting acne for more than 8 months(bad acne), but I have been using BP for about 5 months day and night. When will my acne naturally stop, does it stop when facial hair grows completly?
  12. What is the quickest way to get rid of red marks. Since I'm on the BP gel I have a few acne, you know they pop-up like once aweek. But overall all acne is gone. Just these damn red marks! Hwo long do they take to fad? Is there a way for me to heal at the doctors'.
  13. Just but 10% glycolic acid today, can anybody tell me how to use this with Dan's BP gel. Would you also recomend buying "Perfect Complexion TCA Complex"? Thank You,
  14. 90% of the things on my face is red marks(from earlier acne) now I only have about 10% acne. What is the best way to get rid of red marks! I have 3 weeks to clear up all my red marks? Does Alpha Hydrox Acid work?