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  1. Stupid stupid stupid. Had all my toiletries packed in a bag and forgot to put the bag in the car. Now it's a 10 hour drive away from me. If I miss a treatment session for even a day, I'm guaranteed to break out pretty badly soon. How should I handle this? I could order a new kit and overnight it, but that would cost $70 and I would go a day without it. I just read on the website that there are alternatives to consider. I've never done these before, and I'm worried the change in products wi
  2. lol, you realized after you were finished posting? Or do you not look at the screen when posting? It's all good though.
  3. It helps inflamed pimples. If there is a pimple you have that's kind of noticeable, but not quite poppable, you can use some ice to try to shrink it. It doesn't make it go away. I really doubt it could fade red marks though.
  4. It's only been 3 months and the improvements are a good sign. Wait a little bit, in my opinion. Accutane is a last resort.
  5. Is this news? Pretty sure there never was. And there probably won't be for a long while.
  6. He's seen you before and liked you regardless. Even if it was in situations where you acne wasn't that bad, or it was in bad lighting...if he likes you, he's obviously taken a good look at your face before and knows what's there.
  7. If anyone actually made fun of you, they'd just poke fun for the first few times you do it. And then you keep doing it everyday, and they notice it's just a routine, and eventually they really won't care or think any less of you. And I'm sure you'll run into other guys with their own regimens/cleansing products. You could try keeping the BP/Moisturizer in your room so that you don't have to keep going back and forth? I leave my BP near my bed and put it on as I pray or watch a youtube video be
  8. Sorry to hear. I recommend you keep at it for at least 2 more months to see if there really are no results. IMO, the most important thing about DKR is balancing your skin. Things like using too much BP or moisturizer, or even too little of either. It requires some guess-and-check, but your results will be best if you can get that part down. I myself use a lot of BP and very little moisturizer b/c my skin just naturally stays oily all the time for some reason. I'm not sure what you're doing wron
  9. No need to yell. You want to post a vid? Just capture the transition with a GIF? If your results were similar to when you were using BP, why go back?
  10. Join the club. Whenever I do catch a glimpse of myself and think "man, I'mz hawt" I tend to stay away from a mirror the rest of the day. I know there's always that chance of not thinking I look so good later on in the day so I just keep the image of my beautiful self in my mind for as long as I can. It helps a lot that way in having fun and forgetting about all that other crap.
  11. Use enough to point where you're not dried out. Apply little by little and then look at your face. If it needs more, apply more. Don't overdo it, because that could make it even worse I think.
  12. Within 4 weeks, I started seeing improvements. After 3 months, my face was 97% clear some of the time. After 6 months, my face was consistently 99% clear.
  13. It's summer time and I never want to take my shirt off. =[ My back is clearing up for the most part, just by itself. But it's been there for a good 3 years and has left some pretty hideous scars.