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  1. anyone can help me order the treatment cleanser and 302 protein drops and ship to Singapore to me? becoz the dealers dnt go shipment to Singapore.
  2. wat is super CP 2X? how does it work?can i get it anywhere in Singapore?
  3. so anyone here gt the links of where to order it online?thankzz...hope this really works....
  4. so any recommendations on where to get top quality TCA 50% online? im going to try TCA cross on myself after long research......im frm singapore btw...
  5. wats the diff between TCA 50% and TCA 100%? i have read up a lot on TCA cross finally decided to take the plunge since my face ardy full of acne scars...can TCA 50% be used to performed TCA cross or only TCA 100% is used to perform TCA cross only...?and where can i get good quality TCA 100%/TCA 50%?thankz for all feed back in advance...
  6. What is the differences between a 50% TCA peel and 100% TCA solution?can i use 50% TCA peel to perform TCA cross?and also where is a good place to purchase TCA online? thankz for all the inputs...
  7. where can i get good TCA 50% and amino plex spray ?tested and proven one .....thankz a lot.....i think i going to start TCA cross...althougth i have read up a lot and done some research on TCA cross.. can some suggest a STEP BY STEP PROCEDURE when performing TCA cross?
  8. how do u all perform TCA peels(12.5% & 6%)? can describe to me the steps and procedures? thankz for all the input...!
  9. so is there any derm in Singapore that perform TCA CROSS treatments?
  10. Wat brands of TCA peels and colostrum are recommended...?where can i get colostrum topicals? seem to me that i can only find in capsules form and powder form..... im thinking of performing cross treatments myself after hearing so many positive feedbacks...
  11. wish to knw where can i had TCA cross treatments in singapore?