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  1. Favourite

    LOVE. Doesn't break me out or clog my pores like almost every other moisturizer I've tried. Skin feels soft and hydrated but never greasy. And you can't beat the price. I use a couple of their serums too and just... wow. The Ordinary is gold overall honestly.
  2. worst choice I EVER made

    worked fine at first, then slowly started becoming less effective, so I stopped using it. My skin FREAKED. It was so much worse than it had ever been before, I was so upset, so I went back on it. It took a few months but eventually my skin returned to the kinda-clear state it was in before I stopped using it. After that I felt pretty much addicted to it, because I was terrified of it getting THAT bad again. I used it for about 4 more years after that until this year when I finally said enough is
  3. catcherinthetwilight



    After consuming little to no dairy for roughly 5 months (there were a couple of times where I ate it in small amounts accidentally), I will say that it cleared up my back and chest, but not my face. Nice, but not what I really cared about. I do, however, like the way my body feels now. I think by needing to avoid dairy, I've also ended up avoiding a lot of the "bad" foods I used to eat a LOT of before, because dairy is basically in everything in one form or another. And while I'll probably start
  4. Acne ridden mess to kinda clear in 3 months

    Just finished my third pack, and compared to how my skin was before, it has improved tremendously. I think I have a few more pimples coming in at the moment, one on my cheek, near my lip and on my forehead, but they're pretty small. Also, before starting the pill I was dealing with a lot of those little bumps on my forehead that take foreeevver to go away. They've cleared up A LOT but there is still some there, so I'll update next month on their status. The first month I had occasional mood swin