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  1. hello...i did my first treatment of lactic acid on wednesday. while going it i didnt even experience any sting or anything. i left it for 5 mins then wash it off. am i doing it right? shoudlnt first timer feel something??? i no there wont be results after 3-4 peels.
  2. i just recieve my lactic acid and cant wait to try it out. but i was curious what kind of side effects can the lactic acid do? now to my question...what is the best way to apply it to the whole face? i heard ppl say using fingers and pads but wouldnt u have to use more of the acid? can i put it over my acne or pipples? will it do anything or should i avoid it? lastly if i only apply it on a certain area, will change the area like looking differnet from my whole face colour? thanks
  3. i also heard http://larachem.com was a good place... anyone else have a good response to this site?
  4. hello EVERYONE...i just want to know if anyone that used lactic acid, where did you buy it from? please list the web site also. also let me know the treatment work out and how were the results. thanks
  5. hello...i just have a few questions what i want to clear up. while putting the tape on your redmark area..do you take the tape off fast and slow? also how many times would i have to do per day if only on a specific area? how many times per week. if i do it only on a specific area which is small...how long would you ppl think it will start to fade? do you ppl think its really worth trying this method for a month? cuz i was deciding to buy some lactic peels for my redmarks till i saw this post. le
  6. say if you put lacitc acid under your nose where redmarks appear, where you have facial hair...can it burn the hair? also can you use lactic acird if you have some zits around on your face?
  7. hello50...where did you buy your lactic acid? also is it working???
  8. how do you apply it? what should i use? also what if i only need it on my nose area and not my face is that ok? how many times do i have to apply it per week? lastly about the peel process...you said it will starting peeling within third or forth application...do you mean like the skin layer will come off my face or whereever u apply it to??? will it peel like overnight or during the application process? thanks
  9. hello again... i read more on the forum and heard alot about lactic acid and glycolic acid peel for redmarks or redspots. i would like to know which is MOST recommended would you ppl say for redmarks? also how much ph or % should i get? where can i purchase some? my redmark is on my nose which is annoying to have. its not really red but its still visilbe froma distance. thanks
  10. Angelo or Cougar11...can i ask about your lemon method...do you use the lemon juice from lemom and rub it on your face or on the redspot to remove it or do you mix it with water and drink it? i heard of the drinking method but not yours....kinda interested in that. if so...how often would you recommend rubbing it on the spot per day? where can you purchase glycolic acid peel? and how many percent is best for redspots would you recommend? i see alot of ppl have 30%. i also have the problem of th
  11. no one can help me? well at least give me a post link then.