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  1. I grew a short little beard and it's great for covering up bad skin. It's true a little stuble won't cover it up, but a short beard will. Plus after growing a beard and not f'ing with my skin ever under the hair, when I saved it was a lot clearer than other areas.
  2. I've tried smoothbeam and atleast for me, it's bull. It hasn't done anything. Maybe if they beef up the settings and I try it longer.
  3. I already know all about accutane. I'm looking for alternative treatments. I know there are some. I once read something about laser resurfacing, but I don't remember what it was about or what it was called.
  4. Aside from accutane, what other extreme treatments are there? There has to be some new cutting edge treatment or proceedure that derms or plastic surgeons do.
  5. I'm real hesitant to try any topical regimens becaues for me they just make things worse. My skin is so ravaged from the years of different treatments that it's basically destoyed. It's flaky dry, red, oily, large pores, etc. I feel as if I never did anything since day 1, I'd be a lot better off now. There has to be some advanced medical treatment. You can't tell me when some hot shot celebrity breaks out they go through the same BS treatments us common folk try. What's out there? What can I tr
  6. A long time ago I started a website that would track everything potentially relating to acne as sort of a journal. But I never finished it. I have most of it done, but not complete. I have a domain, site and all that. I think I was going to charge $3 a month or something, but now I would consider offering it for free if I finished it. The site is www.acnetrack.com. There is nothing more than more info on it. As I said it's not done, so you can't try it or use it (or buy it). Basically I would
  7. I'm 21 and I've had acne for 7 years and severe acne for about 6. My skin is so ravaged I now suffer from extreme dry skin, large pores, and permanent redness along with my severe acne. I've tried everything over the years including about all topicals, natural treatments, anti-biotics, and laser treatments with absolutely no results. I'm beginning to accept the harsh reality that I'll probably have this shit for life. I'm wondering if there are any extreme treatments out there that probably cost
  8. Ben, why don't you just leave it alone? We know you're against cold showers, so enough. No one wants to hear your comment but you. I am confident it works, if not for anything other than drying out your skin more than warm water.
  9. Yakushi, what type and severity of acne did you have before cold showers? And how long till you noticed improvement and how long till it completely cleared your skin? THanks
  10. I've been trying this for about a week and while it's too early to tell if it's working, I've noticed by skin is a lot dryer and flaky than if I take hot showers. Anyone else notice this? Yakushi, doesnt your skin get pretty dry with that many showers?
  11. Yakushi, would you care to reply to my previous questions? I am also wondering how often you take a cold shower? How many times a week?
  12. Yakushi, can you please tell me the specifics of your cold shower treatment, so I can compare with what I'm doing? Such things as... 1. How cold the water is (preferably in farenheight) 2. How long you shower 3. Do you let it hit directly on your face or let it run over your head Thanks
  13. Yakushi, how cold are your showers? Like cool or freezing painfully hard to breath cold? And for how long? Also do hand there and let the cold water run over your face or what?
  14. I am wondering how many people breakout after having a smoothbeam treatment?
  15. Does anyone know if you are supposed to be clean shaven before having the smoothbeam laser treatment? Does it matter if you are not? And does anyone know if smoothbeam laser will remove hair, since they commonly use laser for hair removal? Thanks