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  1. Yea I think it has a lot to do with you not eating and still going to the bathroom frequently. Getting your colon clear has a huge effect on insulin and blood sugar.
  2. Ok, I've been taking New chapters "All Flora" and Jarrow "Gentle Fiber" for the past three weeks and I'm basically 95% clear. I don't seem to have had any new acne in a while though, so after the old acne dries up I may be at 100%!
  3. "what ingredient in the all flora produces the Equol though ? Mine might have that same ingredient" Just the fact that it's the only probiotic I know that is in a fermented soy base. If soy is fermented by bifidobacteria(specifically b. longum) the genistein in it is transformed into equol. Equol handcuffs dht and doesn't let it have any effect. If this is the case it should clear acne, as acne can't exist without dht. Just my two cents. Has anyone else on this board taken it? If so, I'm
  4. I haven't tried it yet but this thread http://www.acne.org/messageboard/a-combina...er-t187542.html has convinced me to try it. I've been researching why this probiotic might be able to clear acne and I think it has to do with the fact that it's made from fermented soy. Doing some research it seems like when soy is fermented by specific bifidobacteria(as it seems is the case with All Flora), it produces a strange anti-androgen called Equol. Equol binds to DHT(a byproduct of testosterone whi
  5. how many fiber pills do you take and when do you take them in relation to the probiotics? you just take 3 probiotic pills in the morning and that's it? this sounds great; i'm going to give it a try. have you noticed any other effects this is having on you?
  6. Huh, that's interesting about the transport thing. Loro, how exactly are you taking these? Do you take them at the same exact time? Do you take them after meals? Give us some more clues. I'm interested in trying this regimen. Also, are you going to the bathroom ALL DAY or what?
  7. I sent new chapter an email to see if all flora might contain equol. I'll let you know what they say when/if they respond. I just started taking udo's probiotic today. It's very similar to the new chapter all flora except it's not in a soy base and so would not contain potential equol. I'll let you know if i get results. How long were you on your regimen before you got results?
  8. http://blog.worldvillage.com/health/hair_l...l_remedies.html scroll down for the mention of it stopping hair loss. i'm actually interested in this product now. maybe we can get a few of us to do a trial and see what our results are? i was actually thinking a lot about probiotics today and how when my skin was really bad, taking probiotics and drinking a little raw milk cleared me up pretty well. i came on the board to do a search and see what brands were recommended. i used to use jarrow-d
  9. i've heard similar claims about the all flora product. i've even heard of it stopping male pattern hair loss. i wonder if this is because it contains fermented soy and possibly equol? equol is known to bind to dht. this would ideally stop your hormones from overproducing oil. i'm not sure what other hormonal effects this could have though. i try to stay away from soy, but i may give this product a shot. has anybody else had results?
  10. Hmm, I want to try the stuff Livi posted. Maybe I'll give it a go. The other website *does* look super-gimmicky. i.e. "BUY OUR MAGIC SNAKE OIL.. I MEAN.. GOD-JUICE, AND CURE ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS TODAY. IT CURED ALL OF OURS EXCEPT FOR OUR WEB DESIGN INEPTITUDE! ONLY WE HAVE THE POWER OF THE ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL!" I picked up the crab apple flower essence this morning. Giving it an honest shot, without putting too much faith in anything.
  11. Red Delicious seems to have the highest amount of these compounds out of all the commercial varieties, so I suggest you start there. And good luck!
  12. I should also add that I hardly even get much acne anymore(I used to be severely cystic). Dealing with the stressors in my life and meditating has basically gotten me 95% clear. I'm pretty comfortable in my skin, but it would nice to be 100% clear(and improve the texture/oiliness of my skin). I think I'm mostly trying to see if this works because I see the huge relationship acne has to other issues(mostly insulin-related) that are going on under the surface and want to improve my health. Al
  13. There's also potential that apple tree blossoms could have more of these compounds than apples. I don't know how much faith I put in the bach flower essences(or homeopathy for that matter) but http://www.evitamins.com/product.asp?pid=8107 maybe this could potentially help? Bach essences were mentioned in the first article I posted. "What is exciting is that there are further compounds in the flower essence, that do not appear in the apple. At this stage, we don't know what these compound
  14. I'm just proposing a new theory, that certain compounds in certain varieties of apples can possibly completely clear up acne. This is mostly based on my own perceptions/experience of having my skin completely clear up after a few days of drinking farm-made fresh cider. I've also have had experiences of spontaneous skin-clearing the day after drinking lots of hard cider and have other positive experiences after eating red delicious apples. This led me to doing a little research on the web and