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  1. lol you guys sound so damn happy. i'd take pictures but I'M TOO LAZY, i wanna do a start-finish. but then i don't care. THERE WILL BE INITIAL BREAKOUTS, TO ANYONE WHO HASN'T STARTED YET THERE WILL BE BLOOD.
  2. just started accutane. even though my skin is dry, it feels alot nicer than the dry and STILL OILY looking texture it had before.
  3. lol your dermatologist is an ass. but uh i just started my accutane, just finished the first little box. my IB is getting pretty harsh, but my skin i swear it already feels better. my mom's friend called it a "miracle drug", so i'm expecting good things regardless. just hang in there, i know it's tough. i really like this chick but now i'm kinda skkkkarrred to see her cuz of this shit, but w\e. someday we'll be muthafuckiN BEAUTIFUL
  4. Just saw this online, i think i may have it Keratosis pilaris google that and check out the images if you have strange little red bumps on your arm i thought mine was acne for the longest time but after hearing of this i'm positive i have it check that out i'm happy
  5. FUCK POPPING CYSTS. don't do that dude. it hurts, it doesn't do anything good, and it increases the risk of scarring by over 9000 times. i have a scar on my forehead and every day i slap my self and wonder why i popped it.
  6. from your pictures i thought your scarring would be ALOT worse, but it actually healed up nice.
  7. when i put retinoids on my face, do i wash it off? let it dry? what? Doc just gave me a tube and i don't know what to do with it.
  8. lol'd at very moderate, doesn't make sense. but really just wash your face and hope for the best. see a derma.
  9. i was wondering what would help it heal. i popped a zit that was like, READY. like practically a little organ hanging out of my skin that i just popped off. what do i do to make it heal quicker?
  10. Okay fuck you guys. I have acne, it's bad, but this won't help THAT much and you realize fiji is fucking far away? The gas used to ship that shit? the energy used to bottle it? The gas used to pick that shit up? there's water in your sinks dammit, buy a filter if you're so scared
  11. too bad my skin ISN'T OILY AT ALL i just have acne fuck you all i don't even fit in on the acne boards
  12. i'm scared shitless of scars. i can't tell if i have any since the zits aren't that old, but i'm scared SHITLESS that they'll be there forever.
  13. hard not to think it's my diet when my school serves almost exclusively chicken and pizza. sometimes it's just cheese and bread and they call it french bread pizza or cheese fries. no sauce on the pizza, so HOW IS IT A PIZZA? I DONNOW IT'S MAGIC
  14. LMAO. so a dermatologist said something, then you went crazy and ripped part of your face off? YOUR FAULT.
  15. dairy is so good for you it's hard to just cut it out from your diet. plus that's all my school seems to have to offer, and i can't pack a lunch every day that tastes like ass. i'm just trying water because i honestly don't have much faith in all the stuff trying to be sold to me. if i'm going to get acne anyway, i might as well get it and not pay in some blind hope it will go away. i'm 15 and fucked.