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  1. Before, you can see the deep pores and peeled skin layers very obviously in the transition from my under eye to my cheek and then below my laugh line: Now, pores are not visible even up close and skin is even from under eye to mouth: Hope this helps someone to remain hopeful, that was probably the hardest part of all this.
  2. Emu oil didn't do anything for me by the way, I actually think all the oils makes it worse because they were dissolving the skin that was trying to form. I saw improvement when I switched to a water based moisturizer.
  3. Hello I just wanted to post as I went through all the mental health problems dealing with this from March 2018, and now May 2019 I can finally say I have recovered. I just wanted to post because when I was going through it and searching online I rarely saw updates and healed victims so I want to encourage everyone to be patient and that it will go eventually. For me I had tried so so many things so I cant give an exact regimen that changed everything but I think being gentle with your skin, usin
  4. Please can someone come back and tell if they were able to recover? I am going through this from retin a use and losing my mind.