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  1. Not ideal with regimine, but good hydration

    I bought this to use with the regimine. However, this stuff is too thick and causes the BP to pill up with it and even cake in some places, no matter how long I let the BP sit. However, it is still a great moisturizer and noncomedegenic. I will still use it for my neck and body. Occasionally I'll slather it on my face before washing if I wore makeup that day, just to take it off in a non irritating way.
  2. Multi-use: keeps flakes at bay

    Have been using it for about a month (since starting the acne.org regimine). Not only have I been using this stuff as a moisturizer, but also sort of as an exfoliant, facial mask, and eye makeup remover. At night I will get a blueberry-sized clump in my hands, warm it up really well by rubbing together, then massage it gently all over my face. This removes some flakes from the dryness, reduces the redness from BP irritation, as well as take off my mascara (that's all I wear while on the regimine
  3. Daily

    Never problem out or become irritated from this. I have sensitive, acne prone skin. I can even wear this under makeup and it's not greasy at all.