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  1. Funniest poster on acne.org ^. (compliment of course) How do you live being average your whole life? What is normal? Let's see - watch TV about 5 hours a day, eat all the s*** you see on any drive you take, consume over half your calories on soda, look like complete s***. Get the mythical-inevitable beer belly that everyone says is guaranteed when you get older. No one ignore's Danny's advice, Danny caters to a group that I anyone with any bodybuilding knowledge can achieve in a ma
  2. What kind of protein shake are you talking about? I was taking 2 scoops of ON's 100% Gold standard Whey protein with toned milk(1 scoop=30gms). I stated to get acne(I think so, that whey started it). I stopped taking it with milk, and was taking it with water. Could not see any difference. So stopped taking whey completely. Its been two weeks since I stopped. Am seeing some results from it. I want to know which protein shake are you taking?
  3. yes. Please get me those nutrition PDF's. Does taking 250 gms chicken breast(boiled) allright(from your experience) for 5 days in a week?(On my training days) along with some oily fish?. I dont like red meat. I'm not a doctor or an expert, but here's what i'd say about the diet (and this is just my opinion and from what i've read and understand - not everyone is exactly the same - you experience and tests may differ). 3 bananas in a morning is a bit too much in one go. Idealy you'd want some
  4. What do you mean by 10 years on you? Does it mean 10 years older than me? I know what you mean about seeing other peoples face's and getting depressed. It's been a long road and taken a lot of motivation for me to find my problems and get my acne under control - but it was definitely worth the effort. I only use soap & water too now (natural soap - just natural neem & propolis soap i think).
  5. My diet is as follows. 5:00 am 3 bananas, creatine and 1 scoop whey with water 5:30 am to 7:00 am work out 7:15 am A banana with whey(mixed in water), 5 egg whites. 8: 00 am- 20 almonds 9:30 am- whole wheat bread(around 6 to 7 slices). A cup of tea 11:00 am- A bowl of salad(cucumber, tomato, carrot) 1:00 pm- Lunch(2 bowls of rice, 5 egg whites, tomatoes(2)) 4:00 pm- Oatmeal with milk, boiled chicken breast(200 gms) 7:00 pm- Boiled chicken breast(50 gms) 8:30 pm- Dinner(6 whole wheat bread with l
  6. Hmmmmm. That is a good suggestion. My coach, who also takes part in competition, eats huge amount of beef(2 pounds per day ) and all other kinds of stuff. He's also into Muscle Juice, Creatine and now he's also taking an anabolic(as his competition is nearing). The guy is 24 and has the skin of a model you see on the tube. Clean and Clear. He usually breaks out around his thighs(thats ok for me). He doesnt apply any kind of OTC products. Just soap and water. He's my spotter in the the gym and I
  7. Are you still taking your protein shakes?(Whey protein). IF yes, then whey is derived from milk, which is one of the reason to cause acne as you said. I have a brand new optimum nutrition 100% gold standard whey container left. Dont know what to do with it???
  8. How about 15 egg whites a day????. Will that cause any problem?
  9. Thanks for your advice. I am going to stop taking Creatine. And I have one more doubt. Will taking all the extra protein(1 gm per pound of body weight) cause acne?. Currently, I am targeting for 160 gms of protein with only chicken and eggs(Stopping whey for now). If you are into bodybuilding, can you share your diet with me?. Let me see if that brings any changes on my face and body.
  10. Dude, Are you into body building???. If yes give me your diet details.
  11. Hi people, I am 23 yr male. I have been suffering frm acne from past several years(forgot the count). I started bodybuilding a 2 yrs back. I wasnt on any special diet(coz couldnt afford it). I got a job 6 months back and I started having 15 egg whites, 2 scoops of whey, 5 gms of Creatine Monohydrate and 250 gms of chicken breast on my training days along with my three meals. On my non-training day, I usually consume 15 egg whites. I also have 4 bananas, oatmeal(with milk), carrots, almonds and