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  1. Yes, I received it. There are pros and cons, in my case. First of all, IT GOT RID OF THE REDNESS! LIKE ZOMG MY SKIN IS LIKE EVEN TONED! Okay... Second, it makes your skin like tougher or thicker? or so they say I don't know. The bad thing to this is when I get certain pimples...I usually get them in cystic nodule kinda ones :( the painful ones since I started using emu oil.. and because the skin thickens, it is damn near impossible to pop a pimple...lol I guess people can think i
  2. I just ordered some Emu Oil... I hope it gets rid of my redness... I wanto be able to look like as if I didn't get a tan while wearing sunglasses... (my whole face is red except my eye area >.<)
  3. I'm also cutting back on BP. I got fed up with the redness and flakes. The tip off was how red and tanned my face was except 2 circles around my eyes! Like...WTF! I looked so weird.. I don't know whats worse..having pimples or looking like a fool. To me, the embarrassment level was equal. So, now i'm on the 6th day of only applying BP at night. In the mornings, I use a SA cleanser. I decided to use SA because my skin felt so dead with all the dead skin. I tried ex foliating through AHA and b
  4. I'm having the same problem The redness is very annoying.
  5. I dry my face with a desk fan ^^ in situations like this~ I hate putting on BP when my face is still moist.
  6. Thanx for recommending complex 15 and purpose to loz. I don't think I would have heard about it otherwise.

  7. two fingers worth of BP? it should be 1 fingers worth of BP. make sure you apply very gently~
  8. thank you for the add :)

  9. why not try using the BP once a day until your skin get accustomed to it I also broke out initially for about 2 weeks and then everything became smooth sailing.