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  1. All fillers dissolve. The permanent or semipermanent stay like Belafil for example.. but I would not inject it in the forehead.. You could try to make a nice fringe,, very helpful for recovery periods and in general not to focus on the forehead scars.,
  2. A lot. 6 Subs altogether, multiple mnd, tca, tca cross, fillers, lasers...doing rfmnd now... nothing works till the level where I can say ok there are scars but I can live with them.. I managed to get a result on the cheeks on several main scars to this extent, still working on others... but the forehead no...
  3. It is normal. Had one Nokor and one full cannula forehead Subs. The forehead ballooned and the eyelids were swollen.. after a week everything went away just the yellow bruises were there for 2 more weeks..unfortunately it did not do much for the forehead scars...
  4. There are patients who are quite happy with the results, more or less happy and not happy at all.. this is the game we are all playing with these scars treatments... I have been to Pr.Chu who was considered the best for acne scars in Europe.. it was awful experience with new scars, missed scars, annoyed with questions, aggressive when I tried to show the aside effects..he just performed the same package for everybody... no tailored approache, no discussion, all got the same procedure... als
  5. Did you get the new scars where Genius was done?
  6. Hi, very familiar with your issue. After reading your story remembered myself. I have been taking Roa for around 10 years in courses. During two years after the 2d course I had clear face but not the nose. Always several inside painful inflamed bumps.. could not do anything.. after 2 years it stopped but the left part is fuller like the granulation tissue has grown and there is one deep atrophic scar on the right side which improved with Sub plus filler during 4 last years.. I was 35 then, 47 no
  7. I saw the videos in the past and had it done with one Dr. Zero results. The floor of the scar stays the same. In the list of useless procedures. The edges of the scar have to be addressed precisely not rubbing here and there.
  8. I posted a photo before. I visited Emil 4 times. He had tailored approach with me. First cannula Sub with the filler for all the scars, then cannula Sub for several big scars to repeat and miniSub with tunnelling under each scar, then more canSub with the filler, then erbium laser on the edges of the 14 scars(edges marked by me) with some Subs. The filler did not cause problems b3cause of small amounts as the buffer and not to fill in the area. Wanted to repeat the edges and go on with Geniu
  9. I do it. Mnd plus tca 15-20% on the edges of the scar in the same session. Slowly but it works. As it has been said here the shades of the edges accentuate the scar the most.
  10. Namnum: I had the fat transfer as well and yes the general effect for texture and skin was good. Scars looked better but in about 2 months all fat dissolved. If you do several fat transfers then part of it stays but you never know how much. The fat is completely unpredictable. The fat injections do no change the superficial edges of the scars which shades accentuate the scar the most. This is my experience unfortunately. prp is a complete waste, had it with Subcision and on its own. Does noth
  11. Yes I did Erbium laser for the edges of the 14 scars and it gave the result. Also at home I do tca paint(not cross) on the edges. Also slowly gives the result. I microneedle the edge and then straight away put 2 layers of tca 15%. Using the tooth pick with a tiny bit of cotton on the end. I tried 20% and 25% but did not see much difference with 15%. I would like to repeat erbium on the edges with Dr.Emil in Denmark because he is very precise and does exactly the edged marked by me. Also think
  12. Fat dissolves the same as the filler. Fat is injected in deeper layer and does not make any difference to the scars. It may help big indented areas but not individual scars, the fat molecule is too big. Look into tca cross. Subcision for the main scars.
  13. Interesting. But not for the face. The graft is different in colour. Again you change one scars for another.. On some pics Before looks better then After. For the burn scars it is very good result. For keloid or hypertrophic scars seems also good. For indented face scars... a big question.. but thank you for posting..
  14. Erbium laser on the edges of the boxcars with Dr.Emil. Smoothed the edges which made scars look more spread and less obvious. Tca 15% with mnd has the same effect but the healing is longer. But you can do it yourself.
  15. I have been reading about rfm for months, dr.Emil offered it and I am still hesitant. How much heat should be exactly released not to burn the inner layer of the skin and in the same time to be enough to restart the collagen production? To bring some results? The Dr should understand precisely what he is doing but how about individual reaction? It is a gamble... ..again for the deep pits it will not work...I only found the positive reviews for the superficial flat scars.. ... the m
  16. I killed the summer 2018 doing Derminator 1,5-2 mm for 6 times with 4- 6 weeks intervals(may-Oct). The scars became smoother and more spread. In winter everything came back on initial stage. I still use single needle for the edges f the scars before doing tca paint. But no more full face microneedling. Maybe in combination with the energy(Genius) it will work but on its own No. In the same time I read here the successful stories after using Derminator only. So I suspect it is an individual resul
  17. Stef, so glad to hear that your visit to dr.Emil was positive. He truly cares for his patients, it is my experience too. Really hope that your lumps will resolve with massaging.
  18. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jocd.13710 seems like it was used for the 1st time in the case of the feet scars with great success. This report was written this year. The name of the Dr is mentioned. So seems like you can give it a try But it is about hypertrophic scar...
  19. I will wait for a month at least. Also it is better to call the Danish boarder police to confirm if your reason for travelling is worthy enough. During the 1st quarantine it was not but later in August it was enough.
  20. I had only one ice pick scar done with tca cross by dr. Emil. Because I had only one on the cheek. It improved by 50% after the 1st time but no further improvement after 2d time. Then lasering the edges gave a bit more improvement, so about 60% on this one scar. Emil was very accurate doing tca. He is actually very accurate with everything he does. It would be very nice to hear from BabySteps after tca. I was going for rf and more Sbs but it is again quarantine in Belgium and Denmark is close
  21. It seems like a some kind of mystery with bp...I am in Belgium and 2 dermatologists and 1 plastic surgeon offered in the past to treat the scars with benzoyl peroxide... using 10% 3-4 times a day.. so the skin would peel a lot.. well I tried it on one area which gave me a severe allergic reaction after 2 days..
  22. Do youthink some subcision with juvaderm is enough to get collagen growing? I think it is enough but how it will be in your case nobody tells... it depends from so many factors...
  23. I did fat grafting in the past. All dissolves. Very little part stays if any. Not worth it. Usual filler with Sub and probably permanent filler later. Write to Dr.Emil. He will give you the good advice.
  24. What I see that this scar is similar to mine on the cheek and it has quite definitive edges. I managed to have a good improvement with tca paint 20%/erbium laser on the edges only. After the edges get smoother the filler injected under this scar will make it look better.
  25. Hi Phoenix, Did you do Subcision before the laser? Unfortunately the laser and the superficial dermabration won’t cut this tissue pulling the floor of the scar down... but it will remove the raised edges/places around the scars which should make the whole picture better.. Wish u luck with the healing process and please update