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  1. Been reading this thread. I took Roaccutane 5 times, 5 courses in the space of 8 years in different variations each time prescribed by dermatologists controlled with the blood tests. The last time was almost 7 years ago. Since then I have been trying to do smith with the scars with no success. Before I was in such a terrible state with my skin, I could not go out of the house even with two layers of foundation, painfull cysts persisted on the most visible parts of the face, chest and upper back.
  2. Sibel

    Scar Treatments, Acne and Accutane

    5 courses of roa in the space of 8 years. From 30 to 38. Every time it came back after 3-8 months. Cysts at the same places. The places Where it came back got the deepest scars. I decided if roa was the only thing which helped to survive I was going to take it in courses once a year. Even if I had to do it for the rest of my life. Around That time I started to use ivermectin, cream Soolantra(although I did not have many symptoms of rosacea), took ivermectin(stromectol) orally. Continued tretinoi
  3. Tasinhoooo has the same issue- new scars! He does not have premature aging and fat loss.. This is what space science Not to make a big hole in the middle of the cheek? Forget all other issues. Just to choose more discrete place and to be more careful with the needle. Another thing .. When u pay u do not get a receipt, the secretary will send u a receipt if u ask for it...no agreement is signed before the procedure... I do not think it matters but just felt not right..
  4. BA: I am talking about bad/not accurate Chu’s Subcision! How the God of dermatology could leave me with more scars then before the treatment? ..the image of Chu here - specialist in Scars revision Not general dermatology. It is easy to blame everything to aging, fat loss and poor healing. The highly recommended Professor of Dermatology specialised in Subcision for many years did it not good making more scars on the patient cheek. So first got the new scar from Sub then to excise it)
  5. U can see the marks/tiny holes above and below the round scar on the left cheek. Again on the visible place on the cheekbone. At the first time it was one cut from below. The light does not show the main 3 scars here but lower u can see the long line scar. It was two mild scars which I even did not notice, after Dermapen they became wider and merged together. Above this long scar there are two marks from the needle not Nokor, I think from anastetic syringe needle. I pointed exactly this place to
  6. Obi: I do not see anything insulting in ur comment. Thank u for ur opinion on the subject) Chu has been doing scars revision for at least 15 years, this exact package, I found the review from 2003. So I hoped that a Doc who had so much practice with Sub would not do it wrong. Here he is reccomended for Scar revision. Not other things. Certainly all could be blamed on my poor healing but I ownestly do not understand why to stick Nokor right in the middle of my cheek and the cheekbone, it is
  7. Tasinhoooo: I got new wrinkles and very loose skin under the eyes and lines on the cheeks after Dermapen, yes he stretched skin too much...and he when I tried to tell him he denied it..we come to the Doc for help and the dialog is very important in between the Doc and the patient. Chi will always have patients and if 80% are ok why to worry about 20% with aside effects... I thought that Chuvwhi suffered from acne and has scars himself would be different then the plastic surgeon/dermatologist
  8. Who is near Atlanta, GA, check out the DR.Griffin. I am trying to heal the cuts from Nokor... using hydrogel burnshield with tea tree oil... seems helping.... I have been thinking more about the visits to Chu...he is limited in the procedures, he does not do lasers, fillers and does not like roaccutane....he is quite hard with Dermapen particulary under the eyes areas and not quite concerned about the place for a Nokor cut...he does not answer the post treatment emails...he denies poss
  9. Thank you acne_skin_queen, yes I read this Abigail thread, I am thinking Emil or Renee. No dermapen for the cheeks for at least a half a year, will continue on the forehead myself, no aside effects there. I had 2,5m inbetween the treatments may, I need to wait till my skin heals completely, I hope it will..
  10. JohnMarston About the therapists..I am 45 not 25 student, I have seen enough therapists believe me, particularly in the times of the severe cysts, yes some helped. I do not think it is pointless! I found some good ones! But all of them sooner or later put u on some kind of AD and this is the road to nowhere! I know that I have to be patient, I know that it no improvement over night, I do not have any temptation to get everything done at once, I am old enough and have this acne scars problem for
  11. Well, just read Nina22 post..not only Novick...the same happened to me with Chu after 2d Subcision( From the first day I was worried about the big scabs forming on the insertion places after Nokor. After 3 weeks! when the scabs fell off I got 2more new scars((( on my right cheek which was ‘better’ cheek...the cut with Nokor was much bigger this time. At the 1st time it was only one cut much lower and after 3 weeks it healed fine. Why this time 2 insertion points are right in the middle of m
  12. Sibel

    Punch Excision

    Thank u for the story, I wanted to do pe but not a single surgeon agreed to do it...I understand why more and more..I wish I would have ur skin, u have nothing to worry about, really!
  13. I have the same question...only 2 docs in the whole Europe??? Everybody in this part of the world with scars go to Chu or Emil?? I found articles doc G Fabbrocini, she is in Italy, will try to contact her.
  14. Again BA -Subcision on the nose scars?.. Could be done or not? Chu says No, I saw videos where it was done. You suggest cannular Sub to Nina with sculptra, the same u suggested to me...How inside Sub and inside filler can flatten the superficial difference inbetween the edge and the bottom of the scar?
  15. No swelling and bruses? God, I was so bruised for a week..I did not not get any shot after the procedure...what do u use for healing?the doc who did my treatment did not suggest anything..please update!