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  1. I had to stop Roa due to the severe dryness and pain in the eyes( The head acne came back. I was put on the high dosage of Itracinazole (antifungal). It seemed better after the month but all came back in 3 months with around 15 new places all over the scalp( I have no idea what to do at this moment and how to stop this devastating condition...
  2. I asked Dr.Emil about it. He said that it is for severe multiple acne scars when the large area is scared like on this video here. Then Nokor which is strong but lighter then TL. Then Cannula which is lighter then Nokor. Cannula and Nokor could be often combined. Also TL is performed under general anaesthetic or at least sedation when Nokor and Cannula demand local injections only, sometimes Cannula could be tolerated without the injection particularly at the 2,3d Subs.
  3. The fat molecules are too big to inject superficially into the scars and wrinkles. Therefore they created the method where the fat was centrifuged to the state of the liquid cream and this they called nanofat. Unfortunately all the stem cells are destroyed by this procedure and injections of nanofat do not show any results. Only not destroyed fat contains these stem cells and could be used for the big fat loss areas or separate deep indentations. Not for the acne scars unfortunately. I have done
  4. I have the same scars on the forehead. Around 20 of different kind.. I have dome multiple procedures on them, nothing really made a difference. Subcision with the filler brought slight improvement. After tca cross some scars became white and stay like this. I have to postpone more Subs due to Coronavirus crisis because I can not go to Denmark to see the Dr( I do home microneedling 2mm with tca cross 15% to the certain scars and tretinoin, it seems it gives some improvement. The forehead scars a
  5. Erbium on the edges several times. At home try to microneedlle the edges and to put tca 15% straight away on these edges with the toothpick, try to cut an end of the toothpick a bit out to put a tiny bit of cotton on it. I found after 2 times that it helps. The healing time is 2 weeks. To put a tiny piece of the skin coloured plaster while healing helps.
  6. The pause inbetween Subs should be at least 3 months. The new collagen has been built and if to repeat earlier you just destroy it. Also some of your scars might benefit from tca cross, you can try yourself and see, all procedure is described in detailes on this site. From my experience you can really estimate the result after minimum 3 Subs and to wait for 2months after the last Sub.
  7. Sorry for the late answer. No track marks ever. I don it think that the particular type of motions produces good result, it is the combined procedure itself. No I used Derminator only. It is easier to use and more hygiene with it- use new cartridge every time. I put Tretinoin cream and needle with it and then put a couple more layers after, it heals faster and peels a lot.
  8. Unfortunately new scars after Nokor( Nokor was inserted right near the edge of the scar, left a pockmark which later merged with the old scar( in several other places there are separate small pockmarks from Nokor.. from Chu’s Sub with Nokor..so the next Dr did Sun in them as well, they improved a bit but still there.. I do see some improvement on your pic... just give it a time..
  9. What about Harley street and Dr,Emma Craythorne? Saw her on tv programme, she is similar to Dr.Sandra Lee.
  10. Ivan, yes the bumps are completely resolved after 3-4 months. I still have Nokor scars, it has been more then a year and they merged with some old scars which made them look wider and bigger(
  11. No it is not, it dissolves very quickly. You have to do at least 3 times to get the volume you want and then it is a question how much could possibly stay in place. But my experience and other people too proves that the most part dissolves.
  12. Ivan, no results after Sub without the filler with Chu, only more scars... then I did 2 sub with another Dr with the cannula and the result is very mild but no extra marks/scars/bumps...Sub without the filler does not make sense, the scars retether but Chu was against the fillers... I massaged gently the bumps with the ice pad... as I said 3 months I had it...so just wait...
  13. I had aggressive Nokor Sub done with one who was supposed to be the best acne scars Dr- Chu and this left me with new scars and bumps not going away for almost 3 months. So do no worry, it will go away with time. Cannula is more gentle and in the right hands act like a Nokor.
  14. From my experience all fillers dissolve. Except permanent ones. Fat dissolves as well. You have to repeat fat injections often like once per 3-4months to keep the result. You have to take fat from the other places each time which is uncomfortable. Fat could help filling the sunken areas but not the individual scars. The fat molecules are too big. My opinion that Sub+filler combo is much better and predictable. And yes go to dr.Emil in Denmark. He will suggest the best approach judging