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  1. The package is Dermapen/Subcision/Tcac and the price 350 is for three of them. Done in one session.
  2. Sibel

    My acne always returns. Please help me!

    I took roa 5 times. Because it is nothing else there unfortunately...first time I did not take the full cumulative dosage and acne came back. When I say acne I mean painful cysts which left scars I have forever and still deal with it at 45... second course I took the full dosage nevertheless acne came back... third time was prescribed in a small dosage for a long period. I started from 20mg for a couple of months then continued 10mg once a day more then a year. This course helped the most. I got acne back but much less and taking 4 snd 5th time in small dosage for a couple of months. I ownestly think that the third course was my saver. Addie effects? Yes dry lips and eyes, so drops and cream constantly. Depression? I was severely depressed when I had acne and could not go out of the house, not saying about work. On roa I became a normal person again. So may be it is worth discussing with your doc taking roa in a low dosage for a long period. On a low dosage all aside effects are very mild. Third time continued till all the cumulative dosage was taken.
  3. Sibel

    Scalp Acne/Folliculitis (Pictures)

    I developed the same problem after Roaccutane. It comes and goes. Had very bad inflammations. It is never clean scalp, always several places itching. Starts with the bump. I use Nizoral Shampoo all the time and try different soaps. I found that the mixed solution salycilyc acid plus 4 mertanidazol plus 4 levomezitin tablets helps. I asked the doctors to do the scratch, nobody did just g@ve ketokonazole(nizoral) and Lamizil Creme which against fungus. While with fungus you have dandruff which I’ve never had. Also vegan Vegetarian
  4. I booked the next treatment for mid January. I asked for follow up consultation before the treatment but it is not possible on the day of the treatment! The consultation and follow ups are held separately on Mondays. Also prp is not included any more at the package. You can add it separately for 125£. Dermapens/Subcision/tca 350£ for now. Before D/Sub/tca/prp was 420£. So the prices have gone up.
  5. Yes 2 weeks. Even now after 3 weeks these places feel different, I will take pics in 1m and in 2m. The healing is very slow, at the moment the forehead scars are worse and I see that certain scars were missed with tca and the places were touched where there was no scars(I guess because of the swelling. I doubt I will do tcas again. After the scab falls of the holes just do not heal properly.
  6. I have already mentioned Dr.Bernard in Brussels. I asked him about Sub and tca, he did not suggest it and recommended CO2 saying it might bring 30% improvement if it works.
  7. Thank you everyone) The first week was difficult, went out on the 7th day only. After 2 weeks all the swellness and bruises were gone but when I touch the sub places they are still painful. Tca scabs fell of after 8-9 days and these places look worse then before( hope they will recover. The scars look the same( I try to see them lifting but I do not...I also got small outbreak on the cheeks. So I need more healing and will take pics after at least a month. I have scheduled the next app in 10 weeks(mid Jan).
  8. Sibel

    Looking for empathy

    .I did not get over it in a matter of time( 45 and still at the same boat. Managed to have acne under control around 38 but scars are forever. Every day I look at my skin with tears. All these years trying and fighting but nowehere in the end with the scars. While I was desperate to find a cure, to improve the my condition My life passed by saying good buy... this problem reflected all aspects of my life. And not much to do( it is the past, all gone..just understanding that the scars are there till the day I die and yes will try to do smth again till I realize that I have tried everything poss, already the list is small..
  9. Sibel

    Treatment for my forehead scars?

    I got tiny lines, cuts and pores after derminator( you could see it on my pics. Every 6weeks 1,5mm. Worsening the texture. Definitely did not have it before needling. Probably because of long road intake and very fragile skin. I am not against Derminator, no, I just would like to say that everyone,s skin is different.
  10. Sibel

    does microneedling make scar deeper

    I experienced the worsening of the texture and the scars became wider after 3 sessions 1,5-2mm in the cheeks and 6 on the forehead done in 6weeks intervals. Got small lines and cuts also new shallow scars. Asked Dr.Chu about it, he did not suggest to do dermapen at home and did another Dermapen fns 1,5-2mm quite hard I would say, I did not do it like this myself. So my experience with Derminator was negative. I notice all problems on the cheeks only after the 3D time. Previous 2 - was not sure. Forehead did not worsen but did not get better either. I will see how it goes after fnsdermapen. I will not do Derminator any more or just single needling of the certain scars. Also long roa intake, bad healing.
  11. Dear BA, I read here that it should be about 3months inbetween the procedures of Sub or even longer because of slow collagen formation. Pr.Chu said in 6weeks for the next Sub. So I am a bit confused here -to wait longer? Also nose scars: I read that for example dr.Novick performs Sub on the nose with the filler. Pr.Chu said that Sub is not performed on the nose and I trust him. So again confused. Any comments?
  12. Sibel

    Is my TCA Cross Healing Ok?

    I wish I would have your skin on the forehead...
  13. Sibel

    My experience With TCA Cross !! It worked

    Tca cross was performed by Pr.Chu, 90%, kept for 10-15sec only, when you just see the white frost u wash it out straight away. My previous experience with tca cross was negative, the doc kept tea for 15min..so may be this is the reason for the bad outcome? Matter of seconds. Healing now, will report in my thread. Nickie115 what was your aftercare and how long did it take you to heal?
  14. The nurse took the pics, so I will ask her in future to take after pics as well. Yes the most painful part is Subcision. I felt it a lot and in some areas was very painful so 2extra anastetic injections were quickly given which helped a lot. Prp/mneedling/tca were fine. Threads also were no problem. When I asked about aftercare he said just water and usual routine after, did not mention vitC/copper peptides or any cream. Today even more swollen, the eyelids are getting blue)
  15. Thank you Noa. It looks like skin under the scars is swollen and the scars are on the surface, the boarders have not changed. The lines from dermapen are obvious, I tried to ask Pr. about poss damage, he just said that u need to do the whole face and that it should not be done at home even derminator..