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  1. 3.5 months on Atralin (Tretinoin). Breaking out worse than ever. So many accounts here say stick with it. My derm took one look at me today and said it's not working. This contradicts so many accounts here about sticking it out..."3 months isn't a magical number"..."broke out for 3,4,5 months before clearing" etc etc. I pointed this out to her. She seemed confident it's not working. She gave me some Tazorac samples to give a try before I can get a local derm where she thinks i'll probably end
  2. Derm says Atralin isn't working. Gave me tazorac until I get a local derm where she thinks ill probably start accutane again. That would be months down the road by the time I get an appt. Got my worst breakout ever past few days (3.5 months). So many people say this is normal with Tretinoin, she says it's not working. I don't know what / who to believe anymore. I'm afraid tazorac is going to make my already painful face more painful. Plus it's another chunk of months to even know if it's hel
  3. Nice to know it's not just me. Yesterday marked 13 full weeks for me. Funny how just when I think "well, at least it's not getting worse"... it starts slowly getting worse, or creeping up in new places. I'm going to the derm on Friday for the first time since I started this back in July (I should have gone earlier but I don't live in the same town as my derm)... Will report back what she has to say about this. Part of me wants her to agree that this is normal and just stick it out. I can de
  4. Brief history: I've been on Accutane 2x, then Dan's Regimen which worked mostly consistently but I ran into issues when I was dealing with perioral dermatitis (on Oracea for that). Derm told me to stop the BP and put me on the Atralin version of Tretinoin. I've been on Atralin for 12 weeks now, and I think my skin is the worst it has been since I was a teenager before my first round of Accutane. I have tiny bumps on my forehead, down by my temples, blackheads on my nose, tiny bumps all on my
  5. sus

    Only *slightly* irritates skin, it's nothing compared to other meds. No peeling. Leaves kind of a greasy sheen in the morning Requires only a dab, goes on *so* much quicker than Dan's BP regimen. Felt like I got my nights and mornings back. Have been breaking out for 3 months now Brief history: on Accutane 2x, then Dan's Regimen which worked mostly consistently but I ran into issues when I was dealing with perioral dermatitis (on Oracea for that). Derm told me to stop the BP and put me
  6. Anyone have any experience with a moisturizer that better avoids the post bp-application sting? I've been doing the regimen for about a year, and my face often still feels like its on fire. Definitely not something to look forward every single morning and night.
  7. So that's a negative on using AHA to help with flakes from BP, huh?
  8. Ive been on the regimen for almost a year now. It works pretty well but in the past 6 weeks I've really amped it up hoping to get even clearer... using a lot of BP and making sure I apply it super gently and slow (previously I wasn't as careful). The flakyness is terrible so I started reading this forum for some more suggestions.. Some of the posts say use AHA if you have flaky skin, it'll help... Others say AHA is the cause of flakyness -- So what's the deal? fyi - here's my procedure morni
  9. It did for me! Ive always had a clogged up nose. Nothing ever took care of it...even when my skin was at its best because of Accutane, my nose was still clogged... I thought it was impossible to make my nose look decent, But following the regimen has made my nose pores look pretty decent.
  10. good point, jff1986 I guess similar bias could apply to daniel kern saying bp is harmless because he's trying to sell a benzoyl peroxide product. (Just playing devils advocate.)
  11. I recently came across this article: http://www.skintactix.com/benzoyl_peroxide_skin_damage.htm What do you guys think? I love the regimen and what its done for my skin, but some of what they said is pretty scary.
  12. What do you pool/beach goers do in the summer in terms of your regimen? Usually I shower in the morning then use BP....Then in the evening, wash face and do BP. But in the summer, I'll get ready in the summer but then I may go swimming in the afternoon which washes everything off. Should I reapply afterwards (skin may be too sensitive from the morning for this) or wait until the evening (then I go a good part of the day w/o bp). Any thoughts?
  13. I had thought of that khrysalis --- bought some today, will give it a try.
  14. So i've been following the regimen for about 6 months now - it definitely gets the job done, and I notice when I slack that I start breaking out. When I stick with the regimen my skin seems to get slightly acclimated to the dryness and things smooth out -- however I still consistently have issues with dryness in the sensitive skin under my eyes. I took the advice I read somewhere here and made sure that when I apply lotion after putting on the BP that I don't rub the lotion under my eyes (so i