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  1. I just saw some photos of me... I'M SO UGLY....
  2. @beautifulambition Thanks. Now back to my rest time. LOL
  3. @beautifulambition should my doctor have marked out the regions of the acne scars that he was going to do subcision on? He did everything by eye which kind of worries me. The doctor here is much more precise.
  4. Is it safe to use moisturizer AND sunscreen all in one after subcision and laser? Or is it smarter to use them separately? Sorry I just created a new thread asking the best kind to get. But I remembered I should have asked this too so I am posting it in this thread.
  5. I had subcision, prp and c02 laser performed last month. I need a refill of new moisturizer and sunblock. Can anyone recommend good moisturizer and sunblock that won't cause me to breakout? Thank you.
  6. I just had my new drivers license photo taken because I had to renew my license. My skin differently look more even! Without a doubt I see a big improvement. Now I know this is a combination of the moisturizer, sunscreen and C02 Laser. Although, I am sure the subcision has helped my indentations that difference would not show up on my license photo. But all in all, I'm kind of astonished how much younger my skin looks in comparison to all the other photos I had taken over the last 15 years. The
  7. @Nemesis 89 thank you. I understand where you are coming from. I appreciate you saying my face looks okay. I did take the photos that showed the scars in my temple area down. They showed more of the scars. For me acne scars are something I tried to prevent and feared since probably before you were born. So I see them in the wrong light. My wife can't understand my concern. She thinks it's an unhealthy obsession. However, I will do what I can to try to smooth out the acne scars in my temple
  8. @beautifulambition sorry for the error in post above... Don't know why that happened. Please see my questions above... or anyone else who cares to answer for that matter. I really am starting to believe that the appearance of my skin is contributing to my inability to get a new job.
  9. Thank you @superburrito and now for the reassurance... do you see improvement with the scars? Be honest. I have a few more subcisions to do. My partner will be angry. But I have to do this.:) @beautifulambition question about suctioning. Should i use the smaller suction cup that fits into the scar or a larger suctioning that fits more outside the scar? How do I best protect my skin from getting more red? After a few more subcisons and I hopefully get the results I want al
  10. Thank you @superburrito and now for the reassurance... do you see improvement with the scars? Be honest. I have a few more subcisions to do. My partner will be angry. But I have to do this.:)
  11. I just got back from the dermatologist. It was a positive experience. This dermatologist did a TCA Cross on my nose, and a punch excision on the side of my nose in late January. She said the TCA Cross on my nose did work. I hope I can believe her. She did see growth. She also said I should hold off until I am fully healed from all of the work I have had done from the subcision, prp and co2 laser. I was still swelled up and red. She also said I don't have to worry about cannula insertions li
  12. @beautifulambition thanks for your valuable feedback. By the way, the doctor who worked on me is board certified in Cosmetic Laser Surgery and Internal Medicine. He works in this field. Sorry if I miswrote and made it sound that he was a general practitioner. Maybe he is I don't know. He's not a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist...
  13. A few questions. I am stopping alastin restorative skin complex because it makes my skin turn red as if it's having a rosacea flare up, and is making me break out a little. Does this stuff really work in cleaning out old collegen? I can try to take it less. I there something else I can take? Remember, I had subcision, prp, and c02 laser. Is it normal to break out after subcision and laser? I am starting to do the suctioning less because I feel my skin needs a rest. It looks like the scar
  14. @superburrito oh my goodness! My friend, you have no idea how much I needed to read your reply right now. My wife has been so mean, she has no empathy, no understanding of my pain over this. She can be just so cruel over my obsession. I know it's not healthy to have an obsession over this but I do. I have tried so hard since I was a teenager not to get scars from acne. I should have never stopped taking antibiotics. If I didn't stop I would not have acne scars on my face. Yes, they would have b
  15. @beautifulambition thank you once again for your amazing response. Should I get over dilute Sculptra (is that the correct way of saying it)? injected during or around the same time of the subcision? Or can I get it weeks or months later? Does Sculptra grow collagen permanently? Or is it just a filler? How long does it last? Thanks again EDIT: After rereading your response above it looks as though you think I should have done the Sculptra along with the subcision.
  16. After looking over my photos again and taking a photo in the same type lighting I see that that mark was there before I had the subcision done. This makes me feel a bit better. But the Alstin products are making me break out. So I have to get a new product. If anyone has suggestions on moisturizer and sunscreen that don't cause breakouts I would greatly appreciate your feedback.
  17. On the nose is where I had the TCA Cross. The doctor who I had look at it says I should have another one. Now I am not sure. I am 58. Do I still have the ability to fill in collagen. The second is where I had a punch excision. At first I was very happy. But there is still a hole there just not as large as it was. The other doctor who saw it said I should have a tca cross done there. But someone else said I shouldn't do that. @beautifulambition I started the new thread with
  18. It's sad after all these years and two procedures that I finally have to admit to myself that I am a person scared by acne not only on his chest and back very badly, but on his face. How I tried and prayed that I would not get scared on my face. But I am. It's time to accept this.
  19. @f93d did you experience any holes left in your face from the subcision needle? I was left with a few and it's freaking me out.
  20. I'm so very disappointed because after the swelling went down I can now see that my scars look no better maybe even worse due to the two or three new indentations from the subcision needle.I don't know what to make of all this.Perhaps I am no seeing the improvement! I don't know! I fear I have more marks now than I did! I am really upset. Maybe it's the lighting.
  21. Here is a photo taken in regular lighting. Can you see where the needles from the subcision were entered? I don't know if that's from the first subcision, the second subcion, or if I always had them.Perhaps you can check from the first photo. My partner can't understand why I am obsessing over this.
  22. Here is the valley the doctor pointed out to me. He said he could do another subcision prp and then an infinity on both sides at a reduced rate. I am really upset. How long would I have to wait for the next subcision from the other doctor? I had my last subcision in early February. Is this a DISASTER???? Or is there hope??? And how am I supposed to go back and tell the doctor friend of mine that these valley marks were left? He's an awesome doctor and really did m
  23. I had my second subcision along with PRP and CO2 Laser earlier this month. I went to get a second consultation by a very well known acne scar plastic surgeon and he said the subcision performed on me left other marks! I'm so upset! He said I should of only needed two subcisions to get the desires result. Now I see that indeed there are marks left from the subcision. This doctor offered to do a subcision with PRP and Infinity for me at a reduced rate. I don't know what to do. I'm so upset!!!
  24. @beautifulambition would an excision or punch excision be safe for the nose?
  25. @beautifulambition perhaps I should just do several more subcision along with the suctioning instead of with the lasers... This way I will have less down time... Tomorrow I am going to have a well known plastic surgeon look at the hole on my nose that got larger to the dermatologist tca cross just to get his opinion. I really should post my progress thread in the first post here and rename the thread.