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  1. I think the beanie is cute! I have used hydrocolloid patches before and the redness thing happened to me once or twice - I think just because the sticky stuff irritated my skin - but I haven't had that problem in a while and I use them pretty often now. I have noticed that different brands kind of make my skin react differently. Right now I'm using Avarelle brand acne patches and I like them. As for the redness, when I had that problem I usually had to wait it out unless it was caused
  2. Doesn't look too bad to me! I'm sure it's more noticeable to you than it would be for other people, since you see it every day in the mirror, but I've seen much worse. My acne scars are a bit like yours, and I've learned to get used to it. There are plenty of treatments that would probably help make them a little smaller but for me, it's not worth the money. Besides, in a way, it shows what you've been through with acne struggles and that you've made it through it! Best of luck if you deci
  3. @Samanthakp6 I doubt cutting out dairy would cause a breakout by itself, but maybe your body is just adjusting to differences. I've been told that diet has a ton to do with acne and that's seemed true to me. I have a dairy intolerance and dairy tears up my gut as well as causing awful acne. But like @leelowe1 said, for you it might be something else you need to change in your diet. Everybody's bodies respond differently to things. My doc told me that the shape of your gut can be reflected in you
  4. Hey @Scarface2019, I'm your age and have some lingering acne too. I've noticed that mine is tied to what I eat a lot of times - for me, mostly when I eat dairy. I've heard of other people having problems with dairy too along with other foods like gluten and sugar-rich foods. Have you tried changing what you eat at all to see if it helps? It's not the easiest thing to start but in the long run, I think it's worth it. I'm a fan of Cetaphil and other gentle treatments and some of the stuff I've tri
  5. I've had some pretty bad acne over the past few years (cystic, whiteheads, blackheads, etc) and never benefitted much from dermatologist-prescribed meds (antibiotic pills and retinoids). I use cosRX pimple patches overnight from Amazon when I have zits close to the surface and they contain the infection as well as help them heal faster. I use antibiotic ointment on open ones as well. My best tip though and what worked the most for me is cutting certain things out of my diet to see what my
  6. Hi everyone! So, I have had cystic acne problems for a year or two now, and regular teen acne before that, and now my skin is finally clearing up thanks to a healthier diet and hormones leveling out. However, I've been left with both hyperpigmentation and little indented scars that I'm trying to treat now rather than later. I came across derma rollers online and since I can't afford laser treatment or other scar therapy right now, I figured it was worth a try. I ordered the Zust Beauty Derma Rol
  7. I think some of it got bumped down - if you check out the first page of this thread and scroll down, Bob says something about "4 different kinds of people on acne.org" or something like that, and he talks about the effectiveness of each view. But there's a lot more info just mixed in when he answered questions people asked!
  8. Hi @MTD, I also have recently (the last few months especially) been focusing on healthy lifestyle choices such as eating less processed foods, adding supplements I may be lacking, researching and using a few essential oils, drinking more water, and trying to limit unwanted chemicals in things around me (in cleaning products, soaps, face wash, foods). Weirdly enough, my skin issues (cystic acne and lasting redness) have acted as if they are unrelated. I do all the usual things to prevent acne: wa
  9. @Alwayssadandcrying Acne is definitely a hard part of life. Not everyone has to struggle with it, but some of us do. Just remember that you're not alone, and people may see your acne, but they know that you are not responsible for it being there and you can't really get rid of it. Your friends may notice a pimple every now and then, but your true friends don't focus on that- they may not ever even think about it! For sure, they don't think about it as much as you would. They're more focused on
  10. If you ever figure out the answer to this question, I'd love to know! I've been wondering the same thing... it's so weird that I don't get acne on my forehead even when I wear ball caps and bike helmets and all that, but I've got crazy cystic acne on my jawline and cheeks! I don't notice a correlation between the cysts on my jawline and anything touching my face (like people with whiteheads/blackheads talk about when they touch their face or something) or moisturizer clogging pores or anything.
  11. I've had one like that before as well, although I never tried cortisone shots. Mine lasted months and was a nightmare. It finally went away after I cut dairy out of my diet and have been on an antibiotic (minocycline). I know cutting dairy out isn't easy, but for me it was worth it. I can't say if it'll work for you, but it might be worth a try! Good luck!
  12. I second this! CeraVe PM is also what I use, it's done wonders for me and is pretty cheap! Most drugstores have it, or you can order on Amazon. It's been a lifesaver!
  13. Woah. Y'all, I have the same issues! Just recently my blood sugar has been crazier than usual and actually interrupts my daily life at this point. I'm planning on going to a specialist soon, but I'm going to try a low- GI diet or low carb ish diet while I wait on an appointment. I have wondered for a while if high insulin levels could have something to do with acne! .... especially since both my cystic acne and my insulin/blood glucose seem to have gone haywire at the same time. I've not be
  14. Sorry it's taken so long for me to reply, just saw this! I didn't experience an initial breakout from minocycline (at least that I noticed). I do have ONE big new ish cyst, but I think it was caused by a break in my diet. I am currently avoiding dairy and peanuts, both for my face and my gut (I'm lactose intolerant) and with my busy schedule I couldn't keep it up during crazy work hours and everything. The minocycline has kept the rest of everything at bay from what I can tell, and other problem
  15. I'm so glad to hear you've found something that works so well for you! I suspected I had hormone issues as well, but my blood tests came out normal for that. Is spearmint only effective for ladies who have hormones out of whack or is it useful for acne in general? It's totally okay if you don't know, just curious! I definitely think diet and care for your body are a better option than prescription meds, especially Accutane.