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  1. no, i would never get a facial. I think they cause more breakouts.
  2. I was one of the very unlucky ones who developed terrible cystic acne during all 9 months ( and beyond) of my pregnancy. Because of it I have tons of scarring and still have acne 2 yrs. later. I am 31 and never had acne like that until my pregnancy. I tried everything and didn't even breastfeed b/c I needed drugs for my acne so bad. Because of PPD (post-pardum depression) my derm would not give me accutane and gave me retin-a and Taz instead which screwed up my skin and made me break out more
  3. I have used Hydrocortisone cream on some big nasty cysts. It takes a few days, but it does take them down a bit and helps tone down the redness. I only use it though when the spots are bad enough to warrant using it.
  4. If you don't have to wear foundation I wouldn't. I think I am the only woman at my work that does wear it! I hate that b/c I always think everyone is thinking why I wear so much makeup. Not to mention I have yet to find that perfect foundation so I know I look a little orangish. Not to mention by the end of the day my makeup looks HORRIBLE! I really need to find a good foundation that offers coverage and looks natural....anyone????
  5. I don't know about this particular product, but all in all I really like Glycolic acid. It is a great exfoliator and helps get rid of hyperpigmentation and acne. I had 70% peels done at my Derms office and they worked great. Mind you 12% is weak compared to that, but you don't want to do strong peels at home by yourself, especially if your skin is not used to it. Avon also has a good 2 step glycolic acid out. I am unsure of the % but it is good for maintenance.
  6. Dear Scarxpert.... Congratulations on the scar improvement that you have achieved. I believe it is a major accomplishment when one improves their scars because it is so difficult to do. I appreciate your advice about the fat transfers. I have already went to a different Dr. than the one who did my Thermage and asked about fat transfers. He said I was not a candidate b/c I may suffer from further scars and make matters worse than they already are. I agree to a certain extent because there is
  7. I have the same type of scars from Thermage. I don't remember ever having a scar there before the thermage, but a few months after ( and no acne in that area) I developed a line like a dent on my right jaw. I have a couple others too but they are not as noticable as this one. Have I mentioned I hate THERMAGE!!!!
  8. I say worse but that is only b/c I have fat loss in my face due to Thermage and my scars look a lot worse. I think that if I didn't have the fat loss they would look better.
  9. I have had a few cortisone injections for some very stubborn cysts that would not go away. The one cyst I had for almost a year!!!!!!!!!It was terrible b/c it was right under my eye. My Dr. injected that one twice and it finally went away. (knock on wood it never comes back). That one didn't leave a scar at all. Then I had one smaller cyst on my chin that I got injected just once and that one left a terrible scar. It was like that for 3 months until it finally started to fill in. It is gon
  10. John...I am 31 yrs. old and know how you feel. It seems like this is something that we adults should have out grown. Not only do I have acne scars , I still have active acne! 31!!!!!!!!! And the kicker is I didn't start having acne until I was 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF! I had perfectly smooth skin without a single scar up until then. Now my face has terrible scars from cystic acne. Anyway, don't go to only one dermatologist, go to a couple. Also, try a facial plastic surgeon, they might be of m
  11. Lisa...your skin sounds like mine. I think if I didn't do the Thermage my skin would look more even too. I have dings and fat loss which just make my acne scars look 10x's as bad. STUPID MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Then the sheet that is sitting in front of me from the Dr's office with a chart on it that only goes up to 16 must be wrong. Maybe it is an old sheet and they hired there settings...hmmmmm.
  13. How could you have had a setting of 18 when the machine only goes up to 16? Maybe you had a different procedure other than Thermage. My GOD if I would have done 3 at any setting I would be looking like a corpse!
  14. whyme...can you please tell me what setting your Dr. used on his machine that you didn't have any fat loss? Just interested to know how you could have 3 done compared to my one and I have fat loss and you don't.
  15. When it comes to hyperpigmentation, time helps the most. But to speed things along a bit I have noticed these things to be beneficial. Retin-a (if your skin can tolerate it. Some cannot) Glycolic Acid peels. If you can't afford to go and get them done by a derm, Avon has a new 2 step kit out that I really like. Or you can get them done by your Dr. and use the 2 step kit in between visits. I have also heard good things about lactic acid peels and TCA but with the TCa you will have downtime