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  1. If it is itchy and red then I am assuming that collagen is being stimulated in those areas which is not good. I mean it COULD also be a irritation, but from my experience anything that will stimulate collagen is not good for hypertrophic or keloid scarring. Mark
  2. Novalie, $150.00 for each treatment???! WOW thats amazing! My derm charged me $320.00 for ONE treatment, may I ask where you live? I am in LA and even if you were within a 50 mile radius I would go to your derm! In fact - I would go to your derm in a minute! I did not turn purple all over only in certain areas and they were only purplish "dots", my setting was 7 so Im not sure if that was strong enough to make a huge impact, but I do see some improvement at least. SP-
  3. forgot to mention that you probably wont need retin-a to even out skin if you do the vbeam, the vbeam evens out skin tone by itself. Be as gentle as you can with your skin afterwards and ALWAYS use sunscreen for at least 3-6 months after your vbeam treatments, thats very IMPORTANT! SP-
  4. I had my first VBeam treatment done for the begining stages of hypertophic scarring, I was pretty sceptical but I have to admit less than 2 weeks later and I am amazed at how much of the redness it has taken out of the scars, I would say about 50% less red . At first I was soooo weirded out and depressed cause my skin looked WORSE for about 5 days after cause i had these red purplish spots all over the place from the laser but they gradualy faded and now it looks much better, just remember at fi
  5. I have been to him for other things, he is an excellent Dr but I dont have any experience with his TCA cross, I instead went the full on dermabrasion route (with Dr Yarborough). SP
  6. I just had dermabrasion with him 3 weeks ago, his info is - 3434 Prytania Street New Orleans, LA 70115 504-897-5899 If you are coming in from out of town I would recommend you stay at the Hampton Inn on St Charles, his office is only 2 short blocks away so you can walk there, plus the Superior Grill is right next door - BEST MEXICAN FOOD EVER! SP
  7. Laser hair removal on my face always breaks me out SEVERE for the first week or so - I have found a way to remedy this - I wash with pain soap and water then apply a very THICK layer of Benzoyl Peroxide to the lasered areas, it helps BIG TIME! Dries them out before they can become 'cycstic" Mark
  8. I tried it, bought it off Drugstore.com. Didnt do much for me except irritate my skin, plus the smell of ammonia was enough to make me stop using it. I would try Refinity's line of lactic acid products if the Lac Hydrin Five doesnt work for you, but it is much stronger than the Lac Hydrin http://www.dermatologistrx.com/displayProd...DisplayType=MFG
  9. Things are starting to look better, I imagine it will be a few more days until I look "normal" but things are going in the right direction per Dr Yarborough, I sent him my pics and he thinks I am right about where I should be. I just HATE looking splotchy! Maybe after this weekend things will start looking up and I can start venturing out in the daylight! Mark
  10. Everything is settling down now so I feel better, the thick areas I think were areas where he may have gone deeper, it is getting better day by day but ever so slowly! Keloids were my first thought so I did not hesitatate even for one minute to call Dr Y's nurse about keloid scarring but she said it was too soon for that to happen, I also asked my local dermatologist just in case and she agreed, it is too soon to notice keloids forming at this stage. It wasnt really a raised area by itself per-s
  11. After having to use it everyday I just hate the stuff! LOL Things are looking alittle better today (crossing fingers) its just a S L O W process and patience os something I am not known for having alot of. Just gonna take a chill pill for now.
  12. Thank you for the reply Wynne, I think your right I just need to chill alittle but its sooo hard when your face looks like hambuger meat. I do have to wash at least twice a day to keep my skin clean, plain shaving cream without menthol was recommended because it is the best at cutting through the pertolatum that I need to use thus making a fresh new layer easier to apply. Im not crazy about using petrolatum but I know it is necessary for now - but I can tell you this, I LOATH the stuff alread