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  1. Hello, I just had my first acne scars treatment. The treatment was a 500 laser, diluted radiesse injections and radiofrequency. I'm 19 years old and cant grow a beard at this moment. Is it possible this treatment can damage my chances to grow a beard in the future? I asked my doctor before the treatment and he said it's not.
  2. Thanks. i want a perminan solution therefore fillers are not an option.
  3. 2 not to big or deep roĺling scars on both cheeks.
  4. Hi I want yo treat 2 minor scars i have on both of my cheeks. I read online that the cost of treating acne scars is very high and almost every treatment (of a professional dermatologist) ends up with thousands of dollars. does anyone has an experience or know if I'll treat only 2 small not too deep scars it will effect dramatically on the price? Is it possible I'll be able to treat them with the budget of 200-500$?
  5. Should I wait until the hyperpigmentation will disappear and give the scars time to heal by themselves before I decide to treat them or should I start to treat the hyperpigmentation and the scars right now for the best results possible?
  6. Thank you again for helping me out. accutane is not an option since I am doing a lot of sport. Can I do the rf treatment to reduce the scars and hyperpigmentation while I have active acne? Is it possible the rf treatment might also help with my acne? Or is it a dangerous treatment that might do more bad than good to my skin since I have little scars and hyperpigmentation and also because of the fact that I have active acne?
  7. I understand. but in generall do you recomand to derma roll with 0.5-1.0 mm derma roller to reduce the scars appearance or you think it's best to go to a professional dermatologist? and also I didnt understand what you said about that the scar need to be at list 1 month old. Do I need to wait at list 1 month after a scar is formed before I start to treat it? Can you explain why? thanks:)
  8. have you heard about BANISH? I saw some pretty good reviews on them online. Edit By MOD, We do not allow links to multi-level product advertising.
  9. I actually never thought about it, these are some wise shit you said there:) In some way it might be true, but I've always been taking care of my acne and it was something that was really important for me, but since I joined the army it feels like my acne started to spread and get worse, and it started to leave scars- so it freaks me out.
  10. And also- will I be able to treat the scars after the acne treatment while I'm still in the army? (I might won't be able to keep them away from sand and dirt afterward..
  11. thank you for the quick respond:) The problem with treating it is that I just started with a very expensive acne treatment in a clinic (costed me 2000$). the treatment should make my acne disappear and also prevent it from form in the future. the treatment should take 6-1 year months (I just started with it 2 weeks ago). In the clinic they told me that I must not put anything else besides the things they gave me on my face otherwise it might affect the results or even damage my skin even more. it's frustrating me that I can't do anything about the scars and because of that and I can't keep the scars (there is a minor one on my right cheek but mainly the one on the left cheek) out of my head, and I feel depressed all the time, I don't want to go out anymore when I'm home from the army and my confidence and mood also kind of trash.. do you have maybe an advice to give me? what do you think I should do in my situation?
  12. Hi,I am serving In a special unite in the army. I had minor acne before but due to the pressure of joining the army, a new beginning in my life, and the lack of ability to keep track of my hygiene my Acne started to get worse and leave 2 noticeable scars that I can't stop thinking about themI joined the army 1.5 months ago and since then (the form of the acne and the scars) my mood, confidence and attitude has changed dramatically. I'm feeling down all the time and also my family and friends have noticed that- it changed me in everything I do and it's in my head 24/7.I go home once every 2 weeks and I started to go to a clinic that treats acne.The treatment is only external and should make the acne disappear in a few months, but I feel like the scars that are left from the acne are the main reason for my change of mood and confidence.I feel so bad that after only 1.5 months I have these depressed scars that weren't on my skin before I joined the army.In the clinic they told me that these aren't scars and that they should go away with time and everyone I ask keep telling me it's nothing and that they don't see any scarring but that's really all I see when I look in the mirror. I am attaching pics of my face and scars. I know it's really a moderate acne but the scars (mostly the more depressed one on my left cheek) are so bothering me- the fact that before I joined the army (1.5 months ago) I didn't have these scars is driving me insane!.Can you please check them out and tell me if these are depressed scars that are going to stay after the acne treatment or are they going to disappear And if they are scars, what kind of scars are they and if I will be able to make them disappear (even thought I'm in the armyand can't for example keep the scars away from dirt and sand after a laser treatment).Thanks:). LEFT SIDE: