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  1. Pls help me out guyz. I've got severe acne scarring from 8 years of cystic acne. The only thing I can afford right now is at home TCA peels and a dermaroller. My question is, is it possible for me to at least make my scarring less visible by doing multiple TCA peels at home and maybe get rid of some of the shallow boxcar scars.
  2. Hi guyz. I'm new to this forum. I've been reading a lot lately on the best treatment for acne scarring. I would say I have mild to severe scarring having dealt with cystic acne for about 8 years. I read alot about needling but many people have said they noticed little to no improvement. Personally I think TCA treatment at home is best for me since I'm still studying and can't afford laser and dermabrasion ECT. Any advice on how I can start. I've posted some pics.