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  1. 27 here. Started accutane at the end of January.
  2. You can get it at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and so forth.
  3. I only use Alba and I haven't had a single issue with my lips being overly dry. I'm on month 3 and 80 mg a day.
  4. I am in the same boat. I also live in Colorado and the weather during the last week has made my skin soooo freaking dry. I had my derm appt today and my dr told me to not even bother using soap on my body right now because I am so dry. Awesome. My derm said I should start seeing better results on my face at the end of the 3rd month.
  5. I would brush your lips with your tooth brush to take the dead skin off and see if that helps with the peeling. Peeling lips is the only issue I have had with mine, and brushing them when I brush my teeth takes care of that for me. This is the only thing I have put on my lips while on accutane (two months in) and I have not had an issue at all with my lips drying out and cracking. My other half said it felt like Crisco on your lips, but if it works I don't care what it fees like! lol... You
  6. Biolage Ultra Hydrating conditioning balm is amazing for dry hair. It was the only reason I was able to have long double processed platinum hair for 6 years. I would also sleep with conditioner in your hair, just lay a towel down on your pillow. As far as leave-in's I always liked Bed Head Split End Mender.
  7. I would think you wouldn't notice to much of a change going from 30-40. I just jumped from 40 to 80 and I had a bit of peeling on my nose for a few days, and that was it.
  8. Dry lips and skin around my mouth started within a few days. Both those have stopped now for the most part because I drink a ton of water. I'm on month two and 80mg a day.
  9. I wouldn't wear make-up while working out because it could clog your pores. That and you'll probably sweat the make-up off which wouldn't look so hot. I know the red marks suck, but I wouldn't worry about hitting the gym sans make-up. 99.9% of the people at the gym will be to focused on their work out and not others.
  10. I was scared to death to take accutane and so far I haven't had to many side effects. Just the usual dry lip, face, joint, most of which has tapped off in the last week. Right now I am on 40mg and I'm 5'10 and 150.
  11. 1) does ur body dry out and get itchy while on accutane??? The first two weeks were pretty bad for my face, especially around my mouth. Right now my face isn't dry. I'm only 21 days in though. 2) what should i use to wash my face and my body?? I use Cetaphil for my face, and plain dove for the rest of me. 3) does taking shorter and cooler showers help ease the side effects a lil bit?? Yes, hot long showers will dry your skin out even more. 4) are there any good supplements to take whil
  12. Are you doing your make-up yourself of having it done for you? I would be hesitant to use mineral make-up on a big day like your wedding as mineral make-up tends to not photograph well. What looks dewy and natural in real life; looks like a oily-shine problem on film.
  13. Try using Alba lip balm. I don't use anything on my lips that has petroleum in it; and so far my lips have had no issues (other then I apply my lip balm 10X as often) Burt's Bee's is another good product too.
  14. I use MAC Studio Mist foundation then brush MAC Studio powder on top. I love the matte look and it is easier to cover blemishes. I have never been a fan of Bare Minerals because I personally think the Mica in their products draw attention to flaws and bumps. (first time posting a pic on this site, hope it works right) Here's a random picture of me last winter wearing the MAC products I mentioned above. You can't really see any of my blemishes but trust me when I say my skin was at one of
  15. Hi guys and gals, I'm kind of new around here... mostly I have just never posted...ha... I started Accutane on Friday the 30th. Twice now a lil after I wake up (and wake up extremely dehydrated at that) I see a small bright floater for a second or two in my left eye then it's gone. Has anyone else had this happen?? I don't get a headache or anything after. Could this be happening because I am dehydrated from sleeping and not being able to chug water every 5 min?