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  1. I've tried chemical peels in the past at my dermatologist, and I have mixed feelings. If you're already on some prescription topicals, they'll probably ask you to go off of them for maybe a week before and after the chemical peel. This was problematic for me because I was on Tazorac, which supposedly causes breakouts when you first go on it/go off then back on. So it did not really benefit me to go off of Tazorac long enough to get a chemical peel, only to have new breakouts form once I resumed
  2. I'm basically at the end of my rope now, and I need advice. I've seen so many doctors for my horrible cystic acne, and I'm so frustrated that every one of them wants to just put me on a pill and not look at what's causing my acne. I feel so alone in this struggle. If my story sounds like yours, please just take a minute to help me out. I started out with mild acne when I was about 13 and used acne treatments like Proactiv. But that began to not be enough, and I went to the dermatologist, who q