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  1. Hi beaker , want to know your progress with silicea 6x

    1. I'm looking into my options to try to improve ice pick and boxcars. Seems like TCA cross is a simple and effective way to do this, since lasers like Fraxel have mixed reviews and may be of limited help for these types of scars. I've seen some good youtube videos of doctors performing TCA Cross, along with subcision and fat grafting with may also help. Is there any doctor in London I can consult with who has knowledge of such things? There seems to be a few clinics in London that offe
    2. So 6 months later (approx. 10 months from finishing roaccutane) and I'm pleased to say my skin is still pretty much at the same stage it was 4 months after, it hasn't deteriorated much further (as I had been fearing). My nose has as many blackheads as it ever did before roaccutane, and my skin gets a little shiny sometimes, but nothing like the old days. I found some really good foundation that helps a lot with stopping any shine (Revlon colorstay oily/combination) and I go for professional mi
    3. Finally I'm ready to detail my experience on Accutane. I didn't want to keep a diary at the time as it already (negatively) dominated every aspect of my life, so I didn't want to dwell on it any further, I just wanted to get through it. I was also very busy at the time with work etc. Background: I'm a 28 year old female who has suffered from acne from around the age of 14. I get very big/red/inflamed acne, but not that much of it (ie. it doesn't cover my whole face). However, it leaves pitted s
    4. re. "The study was good and Dr Chu still recommends this treatment to his clients." I was his patient for a while and he never mentioned it to me, I was just given n-lite there.
    5. If you live near London and have acne/scarring then I advise you to get your GP to refer you to Dr Chu at Hammersmith Hospital. He is a big fan of nlite and if he thinks it will help you then they will give you the treatments (free on the NHS, they have the laser in this hospital and did my first treatment when I went for my first consultation with him). I am now booked to have one every 3 months. I can't comment on how well it works as I only had it recently, however, I have not had an adverse
    6. It's meant to be oestrogen that causes breast growth not progesterone. Yasmin is a pill with higher oestrogen then progesterone (as is dianette and all the ones prescribed for acne).
    7. oc8 has a lot of good reviews but it hasn't helped me at all. It even makes me more oily I'm sure?!! I think my problem is too extreme or just doesn't respond to this particular treatment
    8. how much was the bar and how much was shipping please? If you wouldn't mind PMing me the website that would be great, thx
    9. I can only find it on ebay, but the shipping costs over twice the cost of the item Is there any UK sellers of this product?
    10. I didn't find that cod liver oil capsules did anything for my oilyness, I've started b5, we'll see,...
    11. I started taking around 2gm B5 a few days ago. Last 24 hours my face has gone crazy. Not acne but almost every pore is a tiny lump and red. With make up on it doesn't look too bad, but without it I look a freak. My face feels so rough to touch, worse then ever. Is this the B5, has anyone experienced this? when did it pass? I am continuing to take the B5 at this level, I won't be increasing my dosage for the forseeable future.
    12. Please can we have Acne Lamp, Beauty Skin, Dermalux etc in the treatment ratings bit " Light/Laser acne treatments" section on acne.org?? I have emailed a few times to suggest these but as yet haven't heard back thanks
    13. I've used BP once a day for around 8 months and I'm continuing that. I am mid 20s female and I get occasionally inflamed acne (1 or 2 a month) but they are very severe, take weeks to fully come up, each one covers a large area of face and leaves bad red mark. Very occasionally I get a little breakout of uninflammed whiteheads on chin or nose (when blackheads come up). I have lots of red marks, some pitted scarring and my skin gets very oily, I have tons of extremely stubbon (had them 10 years)