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  1. Good potential, impossible transition. Maybe later?

    I tried Carley's based on the great overall acne.org review rating, and what I learned after looking at their ingredients and approach. But, it didn't work out for me. I think that my skin is going to need a while hidden from view to make the switch from a conventional benzoyl peroxide regimen to Carley's products, or just a loooooong transition period of sloooowly
  2. Have you looked into adjusting your facial/mandibular/maxillar structure (nonsurgically) ? A wide and deep labiomental crease like you have is sometimes due to the way you move your mouth. Acne scars and thus premature skin aging in that area would exaggerate the look of it. Look up orthotropics, mewing, and forwardontics. Changing your mouth posture can change the ways your mouth muscles have developed (you might want to try to decrease the amount of work your lower lip and chin muscles are doi
  3. I have very similar scarring...mine's a little denser and wider spread, but similar depth, texture, and cheek coverage. I call it rolling, or textural. To address scarring, I've microneedled 5 times now (.25mm, .5mm, 1mm, 1mm, 1mm) and improvement is happening but quite a bit slower than i hoped. I plan to find a better technician and deeper needle depth next, plus co2 options. Beautifulambition posted some great knowledge above that I'll probably look into too. I totally changed up my die