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  1. Thank you. Being called ugly by someone who hasn't posted picture of him herself. I have no words. Lol
  2. Hey Man, thank you so much for taking time to respond. Yes, same here just broke up 2-3 months ago. And the break up made me feel insecure about everything. Mede me feel ugly and I felt so bad few days after the break up. What you said about people and insecurities is true. Maybe my friend’s wife has issues about how she looks and she’s just trying to make herself feel better. To be honest in the past when I didn’t have scarring yet. I couldn’t careless about other people’s skin. But when my acn
  3. Hi Amp2695, Thank you for your response,I’m 29. I’m sure pretty sure about what my friend’s wife told him. Sometimes I think it’s not a good thing that I could understand their language but sometimes I feel like it is a good think cause I’ll know if they Te talking about me. I’m still thinking about what to do with my scars, but I’m convinced that I need to have 2-3 subcisions and fillers. I still can’t do it now cause I don’t have the time yet. I’ll probably do it later this year, when I can
  4. Hello Everyone, so this might seem petty but I went out with some friends today. ( btw I work overseas) And shun my friend introduced me to his wife his wife made a comment. She told her husband that I was ugly. I was so shocked although I don't speak the language I am able to understand it. Her husband( my friend) told her to stop. But it seriously ruined my day. Now I can't stop thinking about how my life would be without these scars. And I noticed that the scars are getting worse maybe becaus
  5. Hello, Thank you. Saw a derm and recommended subcision and HA fillers. I’m gonna try those procedures when I have the time. I feel so sad because of my scarring. Here are some more pictures that I took. cheers!
  6. Yes, he was really nice too. Answered all my questions. Told me that he’s going to do subsicion first then after two weeks he’ll inject the fillers. I really hope that it’s going to work.
  7. Went to see a dermatologist today, I was advised to have 1-2 subcision/s and Fillers ( HA Teoxane) he said I’ll see 30-70% improvement. He said he could do a CO2 laser but said I would benefit more with subsicion and fillers. I’ll wait till I could ask for time off.
  8. Hello everyone, It’s been along time since my last post/comment. I’ve attached two recent pictures. I have finally stopped breaking out. However I am left with a lot of scars. I should have started accutane as soon as I started breaking out like crazy. I feel depressed again, because of the scarring. I feel like I won’t be happy ever. Right now I’m trying to save for my acne scars treatment. I don’t know which one to have as I don’t want to make my scarring worse. I feel so sad. I feel stuck
  9. Thanks for the confidence boost Are you breaking out as well? a Thanks! It actually looks a lot less than that, the fact that i'm using low end phone(low mp) lol..This may sound cheezy But actually i realized that it (scars/acne) would only matter to those people//person who doesn't really matter to us or who aren't worthy of being friends with. Because real friends know how you feel about this things and know that even though they would like to comment /make suggestions they would r
  10. Hi man! I understand how you feel, Cause I also have all the stuff that you said. My skin is not that red anymore, i decided to keep my regimen as simple as washing it with water in the morning and Benzoyl peroxide wash at night and so far it has improved my skin. And also I began taking vitamin c supplement in the morning and before getting to bed. And like what others told me , i try to look on the positive side of life everyday, Its hard I know but we dont have any choice but to keep moving.
  11. Thanks! I wish I have your cousin's confidence and courage. Believe me I am really trying my best to keep my head up and face this everyday. Yea, unfortunately there's a person who will try to make fun of you or try to push you down when you really feel very bad, i guess they are everywhere.lol. Are you breaking out right now? Where are you located? Cheers from the Philippines Hey there fellow Filipino!! ) You should come back and visit...summer weather has been pretty good lately. You
  12. Thank you for the response man. I know. I think the problem is within me. I always feel like its a losing battle. Its hard, I really try to avoid products that will cause breakouts because Every zit that pops up no matter how small they are always leaves scar. Its weird because My skin turned from 30% bad to 70% within 3 years. Im gonna post som of my pics from months ago for you to see the difference. I am really trying so hard to be confident and sh*t even if i am dealing with all of this.
  13. Thanks for the response man. Ive posted a photo of me taken a couple of minutes ago. so That's how my face actually looks like right now. It's hard to ignore that specially in Interviews because i caught some of the interviewers looking on my temples instead of looking me in the eyes, and when that happens i know its over..or I wont get the job. Specially I am applying for a Nurse Position, Unfortunately here in the Philippines the employers loom for employee whon has a pleasing personality whic
  14. April 5th Now, i can really say that I have hit rock bottom.I am turning 25 this year. I am out of Job for 2 months already, Going back to my Parents house, I got $4 in my atm and still breaking out like crazy. I had interviews for the past 2 months and unfortunately I always fail the Interviews, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am turning 25 and Still I am breaking out like hell and to add I have tons of scarring both Ice pick and box scar types on both my cheeks and t
  15. wow man, I think we are in the very same situation right now. I finished my accutane course a month and a half ago, And right now my face becomes red so easily. It's hard although I successfully got rid of my zits i am now left with horrible scars. My derm told me to use retin a immediately after my accutane course but i didn't as some of the people on the forum is suggesting to just leave my face alone for a few more months.