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  1. What do you put on your skin before beginning a micro-needling session? Ex: For sterilization of skin surface.
  2. Dear PoppyW, I think your Dr.did a great job with your excision. It's difficult finding a Dr. that can do a thorough job. I know you are based in Indonesia, but do you mind providing me the name, contact info, website of the Dr. that worked your excision? Thank you very much. - James
  3. I had silicone microdroplet procedure done with a Dr. Harvey Abrams out of Wilshire Aesthetics. Hes had extensive experience working with patients with lipodystrophy so i figured filling in rolling acne scars would be a walk in the park for him. When i got there i initially told him that i wanted him to fill every scar to help bring the depressions to the normal level. He then came up with an alternative approach and told me that it would be a better idea to inject hundreds of microdroplets
  4. If you youtube dermarolling, there should be some videos demonstrating how its performed.
  5. Sam, So the steps taken to do the procedure is: 1) Apply Elma cream for 45-60 min 2) Dermarolling starts immediately? 3) Apply ice pack to reduce swelling 4) Disinfect the area? Do you know what is recommended for cleaning? 5) Is there any recommended creams to apply now? such as vitamin C or somthing? Thanks
  6. Hello Lamar, How do you utilize the LED? Can you tell me how far apart you place the LED from your face and how long you keep it there for? The LED you brought was fairly large right... so do you just have it sitting up right leaning on something? thanks
  7. I understand there is TCA peel and TCA cross available to improve scarring. I am thinking about dong TCA cross since ive read that there are better results from cross. Im having a difficult time finding a practitioner that knows how to apply TCA so I was wondering if it is recommended to do TCA cross yourself. Is it safe? If anyone has done it themselves already, please let me know. thanks
  8. Ive taken Accutane 5 different occasion...6 months each time. I believe I now have a weak liver due to the excessive amount of treatments. I just wish I had used a Retinoid cream after I was done with the treatment. Id say use it as long as you are strictly monitoring it with blood tests. Drink a LOT of water. Take a retinoid cream to go with the medication and continue with the cream (Retin A) months after you are off of Accutane to maintain the clear skin and get rid of the scarring.
  9. CVS Pharmacy/SAvons sells the Dr. Bonner soaps. Im gonna pick it up right now. Thanks for the info Amber.
  10. Very interesting article. This article helps prove my theory on why I break out. Ive always told my Dermatologists that i have some kind of hormonal imbalance. Yet the doctors would make me think Im crazy and telling me its is likely just my diet. I believe Accutane clears ones face by drying up the sebum gland thus hindering it from producing excess oils. Those who do not have a liver deficiency/hormonal imbalance usually clear up after one treatment of Accutane. Those who may have some l
  11. Hello. Ive read that Retin A can help with the healing of scars, but it as effective as Tazorac when it comes to getting rid of acne. Also, i have been wondering if Tazorac does anything to improve scars much like Retin A. I am trying to decide what medication to go on since I have acne scars and still break out. I am prepping myself for Fraxel treatment in a few months. Does anyone know if my skin will be too sensitive after using these topical creams and how long I should wait. Please h
  12. I have used Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Solution Pledget for only 3 days, but have since discontinued use. After using the wipes I noticed some depressions on my face/collagen loss that we're not there before. Did I use it incorrectly? I was told to apply twice a day and because the product was designed like a face wipe, I used it like one. To make it simple I just wiped an entire area such as the temple area where there are 2 or 3 smalls pimples, but it has caused a depression in that are
  13. Are hormonal treatments available to women only? Im a guy and think my acne is related to hormones. I tend to break out more when I have frequent sex
  14. Hi, I still have existing acne along with frequent breakouts. I have some scarring that I really want to get out the way, but dont know if I should fully clear up first before attempting Fraxel. This just means I would have to wait longer to look halfway decent. Any have a similar experience
  15. Hi, I've taken Accutane 5 different occasions and the acne seems the always come back a year or so later. I dont really want to go back on Accutane due to the negative side effects. Im considering some kind of laser treatment that could have the same effect as Accutane where it drys the oil glands. Can anyone PLEASE advise me on some laser treatments to clear acne or any other recommendations on alternative acne treatment. Thanks...