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  1. wat kind of dairy is mentioned bout?chess?milk?chocolate??????btw i do drink milk everyday but is fresh milk...n i am very curious bout y cant takle dairy product? is it bout sensitive of dairy?btw i am on accutance now...for a week condition is more worse but heard tat it is normal n hope will no side effect for me... yeah i even do like spicy food more thn fried food but i cant take it also... if big flamous acne come out what should i do?
  2. i think maybe d way i using it is not right?erm more thn 2 months not sure bout it but try before in 2 yrs ago thn using dalacin T around for 1 yrs time...both is quite good in control the acne tat pops out but it cant totally cure of the acne...
  3. erm i do try to finish 2 stick of the benzoyl peroxide it seem can control my acne down but not so working very well new blackout will be coming out but not tat serious even wat i wan to clear more is my blackhead,whitehead, n even red spot...
  4. i do need to know wat will a derma do when we go c them? btw my face oil have been control down...now is not tat oily i think? but it still got breakout everyday...or even old remain blackheads, whiteheads n milia...:s
  5. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...i&img=27106 my face is really worse...i do need help n advise from anyone who can give me a help hand... looking for d best solution for my skin....i do try out dalacin T, benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil, or even body shop seaweed face wash toner n moisturizer..but it seem doesnt work.
  6. AcneAwayPlz


    Whiteheads Blackheads Papules Pustules Milia Or even Scar T_T Plz help....i need d best advise...:)
  7. i do need both the ebook acne free in 3 days and the acne no more book can someone send to my email [email protected] THX.