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  1. I have a derm appointment next week and was thinking about asking him his thoughts on a second round of treatment. He's already mentioned that I might need another go at it in previous appointments. Does there need to be a wait period between your first course of treatment, and your second? Side effects haven't been real bad, but the acne I'm getting is still persistent. I was hoping to get some people's opinions on if there should be a wait period or not. And obviously I'm going to ask my derm
  2. I use the bp, but just really tiny amounts. If I use it more liberally it will dry my skin or just make it really red.
  3. LMAO, yes only people with acne would have noticed that part, bc I noticed it too. Lol. And it made me feel better too for some reason.
  4. I feel ya man, I'm in a similar boat having to work with people all day. Good luck with the summer.
  5. My mental image of myself is vastly different than what I really look like. I'm pretty sure that's not healthy.
  6. wow, im the same age as you and feel the exact same way. I keep saying "when my acne is gone...", but I've been saying that for awhile now.
  7. Hmmm, my plan was to threaten my doctor. I'm going to tell him if he doesn't prescribe me accutane, I'll just go to every doctor in this city until I find one that prescribes me it. He'll cave. I don't see why it matters, he gets paid when he writes the prescription, why can't you just go to the doctor and tell him what you want? Kind of like a legal drug dealer jk