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  1. @beautifulambition Thank you for your fast answer. Yes, she and the pharmacist told me that I will experience some purging for 2 weeks and she gave me the Bioderma Moisturizer to reduce the redness and the other effects of Epiduo. Will keep updated !
  2. Hey, just saw my new Dermatologist that will perform Dermapen + Subcision. But before I will have my first procedure of Dermapen+ Subicision. She saw that I still get little pimples on my face and she prescribed me Epiduo Gel ( Adapalene 1% + Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% ) + Bioderma Moisturizer to help me with the reactions from Epiduo ( probably the redness and exfoliation from Retinol + BP). And she told me to buy La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50+ SHAKA. I will have to apply this treatment for at l
  3. @beautifulambition I wanted to add something: If I don't have enough money to go for fillers, what are other options ( besides "dilute (saline) sulptra" ). Fillers tend to be pretty expensive and I don't think I'll have the budget for them
  4. Thanks for your informative answer, as always! Yes it is really hard to find someone here that does subcision, I will talk to her and see if Subcision and Needling can be done at separate sessions. So first get needling then subcision, okay! I will keep posting here about my experience with her. I really hope she will help me reduce significantly my scars and add her to the list of Drs. in Bucharest that are worth visiting ! <3 God bless
  5. @beautifulambition Coming back to this thread again. I just found out a Dr. in Bucharest that does Subcision. Asked her how much is the procedure per session and she told me that it is free if I go with Dermapen or Rf. My question is: Can subicsion and dermapen be done at the same time? I will call and book an appointment the next week but I wanted to ask here first.
  6. You look AMAZING. I want to start using Retinol nightly for my skin, maybe it will help me slowly to get rid at least of the really tiny scars. You got this!
  7. @91baby Wow, I spent the last 30 minutes reading the posts in this forum. And you gave me hopes that I might improve my scars and even make the smaller ones disappear. Unfortunately for me, I still look like you did in your first photos you posted on this thread. I just wanna say that your progress is amazing and much respect to you and your patience . And as someone wrote before in this thread, the 20s should be the best time etc ( This really broke my soul because that's what I am telling myse
  8. @beautifulambition Yes, that's what I was thinking about, a very low powered method with little down time for recovery. And yes, I plan to find a good Dr that does subcision in Romania. Flying to another country it is too expensive right now, as I am a student. I will keep you updated after I finish my 3rd session of Tixel. But I must say that I am pleased by the slow progress.
  9. @beautifulambition Sorry for late response. For PROs: Helped me with PIE and made some scars look better because it lifted them up(the ones that are not so visibile in the photo) and CONs: I'd say the price indeed compared to other procedures. Probably doesn't go that deep compared to lasers.
  10. @beautifulambition Thanks for sharing again your knowledge! I understand what are you saying but I have to add that photos with my phone( talking only about my case) can really trick you. The contrast made by the camera phone's make them look worse than they actually are, but you are right that the depth of the scar won' t matter. I didn't find anyone that performs subcision in Romania, Bucharest. I really didn't and to be honest, Tixel helped me, not so much, but helped me in some parts. I star
  11. I started this topic because I was curious how deep acne scars should be to be placed in the categories mentioned in the title. As I've found on the internet, shallow acne scars are <0.5mm and deep acne scars are considered the ones >0.5mm. My esthetician told me that she doesn't find my scars that deep and maybe Microneedling /Tixel /Chemical peels might help me because most of them are not that deep and they might look deeper because of certain lights.
  12. @User187201 Really breaks my heart to read your posts here and that (I hope that shitty period ended) you struggled with everything and that it ruined you. I can say the same about me in some ways. I hope everything is fine and I will be praying for you <3 . God bless
  13. @Nemesis 89 Ok, I agree, but is really strange in my case because the difference is not that "big". When I refer to my previous acne breakouts when I didn't scar, that would be 1.5 years ago. Until age 17, never had a pimple or it would be only blackhead or little whiteheads. After I hit 18, started to develop some "natural" cystic acne and gotta admit, I popped them and really massacred by poor skin and 0% scarring. After age 19, had a nasty infection all over my face and simply would not go aw
  14. That is true but this is coming from a guy who never scarred from pimples, but after taking 3 months of Doxycycline, I started to notice worse acne coming after and more visible scars. I mean lots of things changed in my body after an infection that forced me to use pills and topical antibiotics to cure it because it was so severe. This would be my personal experience and changes I noticed this 1.5 year.