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  1. Day 55: So what can I say about my skin? I'll have to fess up front: I haven't been following the regimen exactly to the letter. That is, I've been cheating on the Retin-A by applying it every other day. I haven't noticed an appearance of new acne, so I'm going to stay on this holding pattern until my skin goes to hell in a handbasket. I've made this change because 1)I'm sure my dermatologist would recommend the same if I could get a hold of her, 2) I skipped one night because I was too ti
  2. Hi! I've been using Retin-A for almost 3 months and my results have been great. My skin's soft and clear and GLOWY! I look fresh - I really love it.
  3. Hi Gza, I've found that while on Retin-A, my acne doesn't last more than 2 days. I'll notice a blemish in the morning, and can extract in the evening. It'll be red the next day, but I can already see that the healing process has begun. I'm not in a good position to answer your other question of when the breakouts will stop. I didn't really hit the initial break-out period until a couple of weeks in - and even then I was confused by if I'd reached the "initial breakout" period. It all depen
  4. Day 49: My skin has plateaued in terms of getting better. It's gotten a LOT better, and I'm no longer getting acne rapidly. (The Initial Breakout? Officially over.... I think and hope.) I think it is now 1 every 2 weeks, maybe? But its TINY, itty bitty - the kind that I have to get all up into the mirror to see. So over all, my skin is "clear", but it can stand to be clearer. I'm just sayin'. It's midnight. I have to get up at 6 for work. I'll finish the rest of the log in the morning
  5. Day 44: So my skin. It's still there - quite the same, and really complaining that I'm soooo mean to it by applying Retin-A and not loving it enough because it's cold. It's February. And I do not live in the tropics. (To my skin, I say to just deal with it!) I'm not sure if my skin is reacting to the peeling and irritation by sort of breaking out or if I'm just not done with the initial breakout period. I should scrub my skin more often or exfoliate it, but I'm a lazy bum sometimes and the
  6. Day 40, addendum: I'm aware at this point that my reactions are not exactly "normal". My dermatologist stated that I should start seeing results, positive results, between 6-8 weeks and it may take as long as 12 weeks, if not more. And that there was nothing I could do to speed up the healing or treatment process - it just takes TIME and I should be patient. I was HOPING to see positive results at 6 weeks, but I wasn't really counting on it. So I was really pleased and surprised to see resu
  7. Day 40: It's been fourty, 40, four-ty! days since I've started treatment and dermatologically, I feel great. Part of the reason is that it doesn't feel like it's been 40 days since my first venture to the dermatologist's office. I guess time flies when you see your skin get progressively better. Sure, I discovered 2 or 3 new acne formations, but it's not that big of a deal to me anymore because I know that the Retin-A treatment is going to speed up the healing process. Besides, I still have
  8. I've been applying the Retin-A treatment daily since I've gotten it. I'm in the middle of my 5th week and my skin is already super-clear. The first 3-4 weeks were a bit rough on me because of all the peeling, but my skin looks great now. I have no new acne, and the only blemishes are the little hyperpigmentation spots that are fading. I would avoid BP facial washes with this treatment. I think. I'm not sure though. I think I read somewhere that BP deactivates the main component to Retin-A
  9. Day 38: I finally stopped being a lazy bum and applied a Vitamin-C scrub thing to my face this morning. It successfully washed off all of the peeling skin, and now my skin is simply Flawless*! I haven't gotten any new acne and everything that's already done and over with is healing along nicely. I can't iterate enough how awesome my results with Retin-A are. My skin is almost clear (out, out damn spot!), and I look way healthy. I'm very pleased with my treatment so far . * If you overloo
  10. (Day 36) Dear Skin: Greetings. I wanted to comment that it seems that you have stopped with the acne, so kudos to that. But the dry skin - is that really necessary? Especially now that the acne's stopped and the little hyper-pigmentation spots are fading nicely? Please realize that I will keep moisturizing you as long as you insist on being dry to the point of peeling. So desist with the drying action or absorb the moisturizer. Sincerely, Me Irin: I'm glad you're enjoying my log. I ho
  11. Day 35: The Retin-A treatment has been working in killing off or preventing new acne. I'll give it that. My skin is clear, except for the hyperpigmentation spots and those are fading. I look healthy, glowy, and I'm always startled when I look into the mirror. I'm really protesting the fact that my skin is peeling again and the treatment is stinging upon applicaiton as well. I'm not sure if this is something I can attribute to the Retin-A or the really crummy weather. Oh well, I know that
  12. You know, I didn't really think of it as "how many mL of lotion on my face" so much as "dude, I'm giving you moisturizer, so quit your peeling". My skin never did listen. The flakes were a lot less noticable for me when I moisturized often. My skin felt like it was burning too when I used moisturizer. I think it's just something that skin does -- I tried Eucerin (sooo cakey, even though the dermatologist recommended it) and Aveeno calming moisturizer. I liked the Aveeno one more, although,
  13. Day 32: I can honestly attest that I currently have no new eruptions. I have noticed that my chin is peeling a little bit more now. I'm not sure if that's due to treatment or if the really cold wind is irritating my skin. My skin doesn't look dreadful. Yes, I wouldn't mind if the dead-acne on my cheeks finished healing and I really wouldn't take it personally if acne just decided never to come back... but it is what it is. My skin actually looks really healthy. I look glowy constantly and
  14. Day 30: The little insert in the Retin-A treatment mentioned that between weeks 3-6, users may see an influx of new blemishes. Yeah... Complete understatement. (Kinda like "some users may see their skin take on a blush" - which translated on me as "holy crap, how did you get sunburned in the face - in winter?!") Yeah, so about that "new blemishes" thing... I was expecting 2 or 3, or even 4 new blemishes. I wasn't expecting, at the end of the day, to count nine (N-I-N-E) new blemishes! Wow