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  1. Heya Fido! Yeah, the "swag" (lol) was great, although it's nearly all finsihed now. ~_~;; Thanks for the birthday greeting, and hope you're well.

  2. dkr stuff = Daniel Kern regimen stuff....

    man i have really buggered this up...

  3. Merry Birthday!! I noticed it at the bottom. Hope the swag i mailed ya went well! :D

  4. What Gender Are You: Female What Gender Are You Interested In (relationshipwise): Male (mostly, although there have been girls that I've had crushes on) If a person with a nice personality of that gender showed an interest in you, but had acne, what would be your reaction, explain your answer: Seems to me like all the answers so far fall into three categories: 1) say that they don't mind at all 2) really would mind 3) could cope with mild My boyfriend at the moment actually has perfect skin a
  5. What the hell?! Do you get guys saying, "oh, I want girls with natural eyes, so no mascara or eyeliner?" Why is skin any different? Oh, wait, because the skin is our FAULT. And //masses// of people wear foundation, but you can hardly ever tell. And what the hell is natural anyway? Does that mean no sun cream or moisturiser?
  6. This made me smile to read. It's great that people are actually recognising what Dan does. *offers acne-free toast*
  7. *is jealous of Elsewhere, heh* I get through a 16oz bottle in about 2 months. Although I tend to use it all over my back, and sometimes on my face, every night, so maybe that's why. Using BP on your back makes it run out so fast... *sigh* But it works so well, so I don't mind.
  8. Cool! i feared it might have dissolved into some icky gloop :P

  9. It's great! Thanks again!

  10. yo! Is the stuff i sent working?

  11. The Simple moisturiser I use is the Light one, not the Heavy one. Face wash-wise, I use Dan's Cleanser, because it lasts for so long - I've been using the 16oz one for about 2 months now and it's still about a third full.
  12. *nod* I was going to say Simple. I use its light moisturiser, which is often on offer at either Boots or Superdrug. You can usually pick it up at 3 for 2. And it's only a few pounds anyway, and lasts a few weeks. And, most importantly, it really does do the job. I was using Neutrogena Oil-free moisturiser for a while, which did little in the way of moisturising, and felt oily on my face, ironically enough. Super moisturiser = Simple moisturiser + emu oil. Just use a few drops of emu oil, rub i
  13. Indeed you have. And your three-eyed smile is sort of scary. ^__^;; Yay, I can't wait to tell my friend. Now all I need to do is eBay my latest round of AHA at ever-inflating prices thanks to the sodding crunch - since when was $21 equal to £14?! - and then I'm all set for the next few months.
  14. Thanks. Have PMed you all the details. *does a happy dance*