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  1. the way i've always done it is to take my shower like i normally do, without "concentrating" on my face. what that means is i don't really focus on washing my face until after my shower is done. i let water run on it and i don't mind if shampoo goes on it, but i don't do any concerted cleansing on that area while i shower. AFTER i shower, though (right after i dry off and stuff) i immediately use an electric razor because my skin is still soft from the shower. to prevent the spread of old bacte
  2. In addition to the excellent suggestions made by other posters, you might want, if it's not too impractical and you don't mind a few gibes and snickers from your camping companions, to take an umbrella that you can use periodically when you're exposed for prolonged periods in the sun. What's better? Getting teased (usually only in a good natured way) for being the "wuss with the umbrella" or demolishing your acne? Hehe When I go out into the direct sun (normally to go running), it's usually
  3. I'm sorry to hear about your cyst; still, it's probably just obvious to you because you're looking for it, and I'm sure your friends won't notice it nearly as much as the fact that you're clearer than you were before. I know this is sort of ignoring package instructions, but what I've taken to doing when I get a cyst (I haven't had one for a long time now, but this way works for me) is to first boil or microwave some water, pour it onto a small towel, and as soon as my skin can tolerate the hea
  4. If you have any kind of hairstyle that requires the use of sprays, gels, palmade, or other products, it might be contributing to the scalp acne. Also, wearing a hat, helmet, beanie, or sleeping on pillows whose cases aren't changed almost constantly might also aggravate scalp acne. An obvious cause of scalp acne might be that the shampoo the sufferer uses isn't effective enough in removing "hair debris" -- that is, residue from styling products, dirt and sweat, and dead skln flakes. Any sort of
  5. I agree with kraqvark; once you're clear, it seems a bit unnecessarily expensive and time consuming to continue using a lot of BP twice per day. Maybe what you could try doing is just using a small enough amount to barely stretch into a thin layer over your face once daily, perhaps reverting again to the full regimen if your previous level of acne returns, or at least using a bit more BP to "spot treat" individual acne pimples. ~ Bertie
  6. I've read the instruction labels of Neutrogena On the Spot (2.5% BP), Clean & Clear Persagel (10% BP), OXY 10 (10% BP) and many others, and each of these treatment systems asks its user to more or less: "Cleanse skin thoroughly prior to use. Apply thin layer 2-3 times daily or as recommended by a dermatologist. IF bothersome drying, peeling, or redness occurs, reduce application to once per day or once every other day, or as recommended by a dermatologist. If redness and other symptoms per
  7. Also clear baby powder can help with shine, and (in my experience at least) it doesn't clog pores and aggravate acne. Also, since it isn't colored or anything, you can wear it if you're a guy and not appear to be wearing cosmetics. If I'm too shiny I just press a kleenex against the parts of my face I believe are too oily/over moisturized, or if that isn't good enough then I put some powder on a fresh kleenex and fluff that where I need it. Good luck! ~ Bertie
  8. When my skin used to get red and "peely" I'd also have a strong impulse to scratch or scrub raw with a towel, but one of the best ways I've found to address that situation is to just go straight to the washroom, use a mild cleanser (one with absolutely no salycilic acid or benzoil peroxide or tea oil or anything like that) and massage my face with it, using warm water. It immediately cools down your face, sloughs away some of the dead skin peelings, and temporarily reduces the scaling and flakin
  9. It happens to me, too; I don't think you're doing anything wrong, if the overall amount of acne you're getting now is less than you used to be getting. I used to get regular "crops" of acne on my cheeks (the kind that I'd be just dying to pick and pop because they look so easy, but if I actually do they leave a huge red mark that takes forever to go away) and on my forehead. Since I've been using BP regularly (though I must admit, less BP than Dan recommends) the cheek acne (or "cheekne" as I li
  10. First of all, I'm sure you're not ugly -- the concept of ugly can take many different forms and not all of them are related to a person's face. Also, acne is just a part of you and not all of you. It's amazing how so many girls and guys claim to not judge people or to "see people for who they really are" but they're unkind to the mentally disabled, the physically challenged, people who are overweight, or to people with acne. If people are mean to you because of your acne then they're probably n
  11. If I remember correctly (and this is actual pondering and not sarcasm), Dan's regimen instructions give very specific warnings about the drying/peeling potential of benzoil peroxide before he even tells you what the regime is; he also warns us that a small percentage of people cannot use BP at all due to allergic reactions. Perhaps people who suffer unduly from the effects of BP were never really the sort who should have been taking it in the first place, or used BP in combination with other f
  12. You might want to try Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear shine control moisturizer, or any of the shine control moisturizers from Neutrogena. I've found that shine control moisturizers downplay the paling effects of other kinds of moisturizers. When benzoil peroxide or salycilic acid gets put on the skin, it's designed to peel off the the topmost layers so that the layers of skin containing and sustaining a zit can get "fried" off (If you use too much of either, the peeling will be extreme
  13. Have you ever had that really exhilerating feeling when you're getting ready to go out, and at last you aren't apprehensive about acne scars/red marks, pimples, etc. dotting your face? ... and then after a little while of really nice-looking skin, you get hit with some pimples even though you've followed the regimen closely? I hate that . Also, I notice that even though I don't get general breakouts anymore, I sometimes get a single pimple here or there, and even though the actual pimple is
  14. I generally used to squeeze a pea-sized amount for each one of my cheeks, my forehead, and my chin, and work that all over as best as I could spread it around. Then I'd go back and dab little amounts of BP directly onto existing pimples as sort of an "emphasis" stage. It has pretty much worked for me and now all I have to do is the thin all-over layer, and only occasionally do I get a zit that merits a second go-round with a little BP dab of its own. If I stopped the BP altogether, though, I th
  15. If your face continued to sting when applying benzoil peroxide even after you've been using it for a while (as in, a week or so), then it might be that you're using a bit too much. If you keep doing it this way, you might notice the skin on your cheekbones, the skin directly beneath your lower lip, the area of skin between your cheeks and nose and above your upper lip, and definitely the skin where the jaw meets the neck become red, irritated, and prone to peeling. This is because in these areas